A company is asking me to send a health check form before being accepted: confused?

I am currently interviewing with a buxiban and they say “complete this health form to start your application for a visa”, but I have yet to be accepted by them, and I may yet still decide to go with another company; I haven’t made my mind up yet.

If I start the ball rolling by giving them the necessary forms to start applying for my visa, would that mean I can’t apply for another visa from a different company if I decide to not go with the first one? After all, they would have already started applying for me.

OR, does the process not start officially until they offer me the job and I sign the contract?

In my experience, the process started with the offer/contract (about 6 months later, I got out of quarantine).

After the offer/contract, the first major document task was getting my highest completed degree authenticated by the TECO office closest to the issuing university. The employer needed the authenticated document to apply for my work permit, for which they also needed a copy of my passport and an electronic Taiwan-sized passport photo. If they haven’t asked for these things, they probably aren’t ready to approach the government about you yet.

The work permit was sent to me so that I could apply for the visa. The TECO office where I applied for the visa said they needed a health form, but actually they did not want it when I tried to give it to them with my complete visa application package (with police check, etc.).

So, I would suggest you read “complete this health form to start your application for a visa” as “complete this health form, so that we know you are committed to joining us and healthy enough to fulfil this commitment, before we make you an offer (let alone start your work permit application which will be required down the road for a visa)”.

Once they have submitted your work permit application to the Ministry of Education, since it is tied to your passport number, it seems to me that then applying for another work permit with a different company could cause you complications.

Why not wait until you are ready to sign a contract, because you have made up your mind, before you worry about the paperwork?

That said, the TECO authentication of your degree will be required anyways and isn’t tied to anything and doesn’t expire, so you could start there…

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they cannot start the process without proper copied of your passport, degree, agreed and signed contract, iiuc. If you have not provided them yet, the process has not been started.

yes. Once your work permit is (maybe) issued, might be applied, you cannot get a new work permit without an agreement from the first employer.

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Thanks for your help!

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Got it, thanks!

How long is a health check good for? I got one done at a Taipei hospital almost a year ago (July 2020), but a few places are asking me for a health check.

If you are not currently employed, 3 months. Assuming you are applying for a teaching job.

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It’s a teaching job and I’m currently employed at a private school.

You mean a cram school? If not, you maybe need a health check.



No, it’s a private bilingual school.

Then, it should be within 3 months, iiuc. Those schools that don’t request it now maybe request when they decide to hire you, and the hiring process may not be completed without it.