A compass with English letters

So I want to do an activity using compasses at school, but the only compasses I can find in the stores in my neighborhood are in Chinese. I can read it no problem, and my students can too, of course, but it is an “American” school that emphasizes an English only environment. So, it would be much better if I could locate English compasses somewhere. Anybody know where to look?


Try Ting San Iou (an outdoor equipment store) on Zhongshan N. Rd. Sec. 1 (near the train station).

you could also have them all make their own compass:

[quote=“ratbrain”]you could also have them all make their own compass:

Fun idea, but class time is limited as it is. Believe me, if this was coming out of my pocket, I would have them make them, but since the school is paying…well, I’d rather use the classtime for other things.