A couple questions from a newbie


Ok…I spent one year teaching in Korea and now I’m looking to do it in Taiwan. While I knew what was reasonable there, I have no clue what is reasonable here.

For instance, should I only bother checking with those schools that offer some sort of flight reimbursement or housing allowance? Do most teachers get this or is it normal to not get any of these things?

Also, how much do you need up front for housing?

Does anyone know about Ching MEI MRT or Xindian MRT? I really need to find a suitable employer!

I would appreciate so much any input from anyone!

Soulsearcher :?

The short answer is that flight reimbursement is not normal;, and accomodation is very rare.

Fort he longer answers to your questions, have a look around this teaching forum, the Living in Taiwan Forum and the Housing Forum, and you’ll find all you need to know.


I found the shift from Korea to Taiwan to be a bit of a shock, and realized what a sweet deal they have going over there. Here I’ve never seen flight reimbursement offered, and sometimes accomodation supplements, but that’s it. In my opinion though there’s a higher percentage of decent places to work at than in Korea, and you get treated better here.

Does anyone know about Jingmei MRT or Xindian MRT? I really need to find a suitable employer![/quote]

You have mentioned the names of two stations in the southern part of Taipei. They are on the [color=green]green [/color](some maps it’s [color=red]red[/color]) line. It goes north to Peitou and Damshui.

And if you wait a day or two, someone will post a link to an MRT map…or a link to a thread with a link to an MRT map.

I am just too lazy to do your surfing for you.

Thanks everyone who replied to my message. Any help is appreciated!! :smiley: