A Course in Miracles

A Course in Miracles

Is anyone intersted in having a study course of this book ?
Message me if this interests you…

What cult is this about?

Has to be an evil one to get me interested…

seems you need a miracle ^

Is this better than my present Wicca stuff?

I had searched for a religion involving red wine, no fees and where the god is a female with a gorgeous body. I ended up with Freya and the Wicca cult.

Now it worked! I asked the %%##% god for an asian female and SWOOOTCH I had an email from Taiwan in my mailbox.

My Yahoo spam filter quickly sorted it out, but … some unnatural force made me looking into my junk box, which I had never done before.

Now I live in a NeiHu Taipei Slum wich cockroaches and criminal neighbours hammering in the night (do not ask what they are embodying into the walls).

So… what do YOU have to offer?