A Cover/Party Band

As stated in the subject, I need a cover/party high-energy live band to play at a yet unopened club.
They will be residents at the club, likely for 6 month contracts.
ARC’s will be obtained for the group.
Ziga Zaga used to have a band like this. (I think they’re closed now?)

Anyway, if anyone knows where to find such a band, let me.

I was at Zigga Zagga (or however the f it is spelled) last weekend. The cover band there was pretty rockin. Nice party atmosphere.
My boss is a regular and says they keep the same band for like 4 weeks. If you really wanted to book them I imagine you could just pick them up after their contract finished. Unless they were already booked for another location in Asia, they might be up for staying in Taipei.
Cool, a new bar is opening. Where and when?

Thanks for the info rocky.
Do you know if the bands there are Asian or Western or mixed?
I think 4 week contracts would be OK, as long as there was a steady stream of bands.
I might have to go check out Ziga Zaga.

No idea yet.
I’ll let you know when I know.

one word, moneyshot horns…funkier than a mosquitos tweeter…but they all live in taichung

Go down to Sappho off An He Rd. You’ll find tons of musicians and a lot of connections-just make sure you know what sound you’re looking for and a band can be put together quickly. Most musicians are dying for a steady gig. Good Luck

Hmmm. Sappho doesn’t have too many cover bands I don’t think, and I don’t think too many original-music bands would be interested in doing MOR covers.

Band called loaded played my wedding last year. They used to play at the shannon but now play at Bliss for the next few months. Pretty good band. PM me and I’ll give you their number