A cup of coffee and a piece of thumb

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This article was on- line. I was wondering how this restaurant will be able to stay in business after this “interesting” bit of news has gotten out to the public. I have a question for everyone: Would you ever eat in this restaurant after this happened?

   Ohio woman finds thumb tip in salad

CANTON, Ohio - The Red Robin Gourmet Burger chain is apologizing for a really bad salad.
A 22-year-old woman had eaten most of her lunch salad at a Red Robin in Jackson Township, Ohio, Tuesday when she put a morsel into her mouth that turned out to be the tip of a human thumb.
An employee chopping lettuce the night before had sliced off part of his left thumb. Other workers, in their haste to get him to the doctor, overlooked the missing piece.
Red Robin says it actually has a policy for what do to in such cases – throw out all the food in the area. Instead, the lettuce – and the thumb tip – were put in the cooler and served up in salads the next day.

No, it’s too far away.

I found an inchworm in my salad at one of my favorite cheap lunch places a few years ago. I still went back; I just made sure to tell them to hold the caterpillars thereafter, or at least to use fresh ones if they insisted on serving them.