A Cure For Construction Site Noise

I’m going to share a bit of a cultural secret/trick for living here on the island.

I see complaints about construction noise and inconvenience occasionally here on the board. This might help ‘smooth’ things out a bit. And its a cheap fix.

Spend $NT50 or so and buy a bottle of Poly B and take it to the workers. Also get a can of that yellow soda-like stuff…Way to li or Vitali…whatever.

Go to the workers, hold them both up and point to a white plastic cup they’l have with them (they always have white platic cups on the job-site).
Open both bottles pour a shot of Poly B and a shot of the Vitali into a cup…give it to the worker who is paying attention,then…and here is the trick…toast to this guy and then take a slug of the Poly B while smiling at him.
Be sincere, or fake your best sincerity possible.
Leave the bottles with them and smile like a loon and say anything in Chinese no matter how stupid it is.

Next time you have a problem just go to them and smile and tell them to knock-off the noise for a while - "Me no sleep…To Muchie Boom Boom Boom!..pai say…pai say…xie xie (pronounce it ‘say say’ with a bit of a lisp…Taiwanese works better)"

It’ll work. Cheap and effective solution.


(have some food in yr belly before you drink that crap)

At what point do you put the Mogadon into their cups?

It’s good advice. I once bought black tea for a crew working on a big whole in the middle of the street in front of the house. The bought me Kaoliang in return and knocked off the noise for a while. They thought it was neat that the white girl had done that for them. And they were really working hard on a very dirty job and on a very hot day. They were thankful for the cold drink.