A Cutting-Edge Second Look at the Battle of Gettysburg

Quite an interesting interactive map for Civil War buffs.

smithsonianmag.com/history-a … sburg.html

I fail to see what is “Cutting Edge” about it. Nor a “Second Look”.
As this has been done many times before, perhaps not so easily spelled out for the layman.
Though the satellite option is Fuckin’ A!
The whole battle is a staggering monument to the absolute stupidty of General Officers on both sides, but most especially that of the Confederates. After their flanking attack on the first day failed, mainly due to fine Union leadership on the ground, they did the stupidiest thing in any military manual: a few probes, and then a frontal assault.

It should be noted that in most military history circles, the American Civil War is held up as the height of folly, worsted only by WWI in Flanders.
Such waste of resources, and at such little gain. Too bad the Damn Yanks still hold it up as glory, and I suppose rightly so, as only the South had to experience anything close to ressembling what came later to be labelled as total war.

Glory is for daydream believers.
Ask the Dust, or maybe even Ambrose Bierce.