A day in the life of a TT

Yeah, much more thrilling back then!

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On the subject of oil changes which no one is talking about I used to do mine in Taiwan
At Autobacs (are they still around) every 3000km which is only 2000 miles
Which is ridiculous !!

I know Taipei cars do a lot of idling in traffic (this is where a Prius will really do well as it will be in all electric ) but really every 3000 miles or 5000km should be totally fine and if using 100pct synthetic every 6000 miles or 10000 km should be totally fine Or maybe at least 8000km but 5k and 10k are easier to remember

Wasted a lot of money doing my Telstar every 3000km
But then it was less then 30 bucks each time

Where do you guys get your oil changes and how much does it usually cost ?

Hey on that subject all this bike riding I’ve been doing is paying off

I got a couple Levi’s jeans at Walmart yesterday where Levi’s makes a cheaper line for Walmart

I go to Walmart a lot because I’m cheap and I fit the demographics of Walmart
Shoppers largely and I mean Largely (size)

And also because they are the only ones with the cat treats my cats like

So anyway as. for Levi’s jeans I was stoked to find two pairs for 40 bucks that I thought were my size They would be double at a Levi’s store

But I got the wrong size I got 40x30 instead of 42 x 30

I have not been 40 x 30 for probably 15 years
But lo and behold they fit and I can still breathe
So the biking must be working

I may yet get down to 38x 30 the size I was when I had to leave Taiwan because the largest size I could ever find was 38 x 30 back in 99

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You’s a big guy!

Keep cycling, stay fit!



Don’t make us change your nickname to Trailer Trash Tommy. :sweat_smile:


Yeah ever since I found out I’m not middle class anymore

I’m actually more Upper Low Class
Just one rung up from No class at all :red_car:

And you know when Bay Area homes in bad areas are 400k. A trailer community in concord is looking better and better

Will have to sell the TT and the Prius and get a coupla beaters to fit in though


Triple T kinda has a nice ring to it ya?

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Thing is the preowned could cost more to upkeep than new

There could be kids in tow

Honestly that’s a rather strange way to do the dishes


Well well another lovely warm SF day that started out foggy in the sunset district like 360 other days here
But now it’s sunny and toasty in the late pm

Am thinking of doing my ‘joke of a ride ‘by bus and bike to Chrissy field which is honestly quite fun or perhaps I will do a ride a mile down to ocean beach and ride down the beach to the park and back

Which should I do?

Just came back on a nice 120 mile round trip to Westfield mall ostensibly for a rsvn at dintaifung

We had been there once a couple years ago and Tammy made a rsvn so we had to go
Honestly I’m ok with not going since they charge three times the Taipei price

But hey ok

Got there on the nice near race track called 280 and found a good spot in the car park and parked and arrived with five mins to spare
Good thing we had a rsvn cuz was told the wait is about 2 hours otherwise

Well guess what ? No rsvn

What? I was slightly to moderately miffed like short of raging bull miffed as the pretty young lady continued to dig for the rsvn.

Well it couldn’t be found
Two other ladies came over to help using their hand held tablets to search
Finally the manager came by and lo and behold found that wifey had made a rare mistake and made the rsvn for tomorrow for Chris sake

Oh well needless to say we cancelled the Monday rsvn and had to leave with our tails between our legs

Now a good manager would have found us a spot but guess they are not the most well versed in hospitality

I was honestly ok with not blowing s Benjamin on possibly just three dishes so not eating there was totally ok

We retreated to Clover a Japanese bakery nearby for onigiri that she often drives the 120 mile round trip just to get

So our mission was not totally wasted

Monsieur TT got a wipe down and a nice spirited 120 mile leg stretch so all in all jolly good as some say

Glad I didn’t go to the Ed sheran concert last night in San Jose

80000 people apparently went along with wifey and a bestie

In case anyone wondered I opted for a beach ride to and back a bit beyond the beach chalet

Lots of people at the beach
Today It was great to see people out having a good ol time

Tons of young people barbequeing and hanging out on the sands , families with their kids and dogs out running around

Bikers a plenty of all ages . People parking their trucks and having a tailgate party. Some dude in one of those mobile homes parked and the family out and about

One guy with a Tacoma dropped the tailgate and put two lawn chairs on artificial turf and him and his bud just smoking a joint and yakkkng

Unlike Taiwan don’t think drinking alcohol is allowed so I didn’t see any of that
Smelt a few joints though

Great highway is closed to vehicle traffic from noon Friday till 6am Monday until 2025 and it becomes a Mecca fir people everywhere to come out and bike and jog the miles along the ocean

It’s just great

A great summer. Sunday at ocean beach

It’s a great scene to see everyone out having a blast

Tammy and bestie booked a ride on one of those driver less Waymo electric Jaguars

She said it’s an awesome experience

Well so long as nothing weird happened

I mean your life is in the hands of a robot car ??!!

(3) Autonomous car ride: My first trips in a self-driving Waymo taxi. In full, with commentary - YouTube

i do want to try it. i am on the waiting list. once approved you can call up one like an uber. and apparently it costs about as much as an uber as well.

the idea is to replace human drivers in ride/share like Uber one day.

putting more humans out of work really.


Just probably end up docking their pay as they all still need a driver yet. Because taxi drivers don’t get fucked around enough yet :smiley:

Well Uber and Lyft replaces taxis and im the near future driverless Ubers will replace human drivers

Waymo is only in SF and Austin currently but eventually they aim to have the software to replace human drivers nationwide

They recently got the ok to not even have a driver in the cars as far as Waymo and one other one who’s name I keep forgetting

But only in these two cities

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And Phoenix - they were actually at the forefront. And that’s “operational” deployments - it’s being tested / prepped in over a dozen other cities already.


Well that’s a great development. My life in now in the hands of tech owned by people like Elon. My idea of paradise indeed.


Yeah it’s all weird and wonderful when it works

I worry when something weird and not wonderful happens and the car catches on fire and say won’t open the doors? Or it starts to drive like a bat outa hell and you are there for the ride. Or …a number of other scenarios


At some point within (most of) our lifetimes, somebody will be assassinated by the “one in a billion chance” event of being struck in a cross-walk by the unwarranted sudden acceleration of an autonomous vehicle. :expressionless:

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Well automation is on the whole supposed to yield a much lower
Rate of accident

So much so that many systems only have drivers monitoring such as the BART drivers don’t drive the computers do

Muzha line as well as the rest of the Taipei MRT as well

Planes can auto land and auto take off

Etc etc

But the car in heavy traffic is probably the most complex

Hence all the years of development

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