A day in the life of an Audi TT

Orange is my color for this car too
And although this one is the ZO6 I’m sure the stingray will do well on the track too

The one I drove had the same cup 2 tires

Went to visit my bro in Los Gatos today to try the trek electric bikes

So I tried both the center motor and the rear motor models of trek electric bikes. These are class one bikes that is there is no throttle the motor assists you only if you pedal and there are I think four levels of assist so you can adjust the level of assist that you want and find appropriate of course the more assist you select the less the total range.

There was a small local winery about a mile up a winding road and there was a perfect place to test the electric bike and I like it this way I can actually go up and down hills like in San Francisco without having to walk the hills like I’m having to do now so I’m thinking I’d really like to get one of them. I’m thinking the rear motor one cause it’s $200 cheaper than the center motor one and they both look kinda nice the center motor one is little bit better equipped. I think it has a gauge that tells you Estimated range where the $200 cheaper one doesn’t have an estimated range. It just has like a some lights that indicate how much power its got.

so the trek electric bikes over there starts at $2200 for the cheapest one and a lot of them are in the $3500 range but I think the cheapest one which is one of the two I rode is good for my purposes cause I just want something that can give me an Assist up and down San Francisco Streets because Currently I’m having to walk up the streets because I can’t really ride up the inclined streets

And the good thing is actually there’s still a lot of opportunity to exercise. You’re still peddling. You know it’s just that the motor assists you so that you could do things you are not capable of doing, but you’re still peddling still exercising so it’s not like one of those electric bikes that just has a throttle and you just sit back and the thing just goes so that’s useless for exercising. Might as well have a motorcycle essentially those things are motorcycles

And those class, three electric bikes are starting to be banned from many trails and things like that because they’re really not bicycles in the sense of the word they’re really motorcycles

There was a café nearby called the purple onion and bro and I had a cuppa coffee and split a sandwich. That was pretty decent and then I actually paid a quick visit to that winery which is the oldest one in the Santa Cruz mountains. I forgot the name now, but it was decent. They have tastings, but they’re kinda expensive for tastings at 45 dollars for a flight. 20 for members and free for VIP members The cheapest glass of wine was $15 for the house Chardonnay The red Pinot was $18 plus tax and service fee so I had that and basically it was like $22 for a glass of wine so it’s pretty pricey.

Apparently, the tasting room being so small one is supposed to have Reservations but I just moseyed on in there and since I was a party of one, it was fine. I was able to get a glass of wine. Lucky me at $22.

Better start saving for that electric bike. I guess put 100 bucks a month away.

Since my bro works there I can get that 2200 bike for 1600 then add sales tax comes up a hair less than 1800 still a chunk of change

And three times the price nearly of my current trek bike !!

I’m thinking the thing should be 1000 tax in

There are other brands that are at that price point but they aren’t treks

At least it’s not this bike one penny off of $13000 !!!

Insane !!

Oh ps the winery is called Testarossa winery

This is one of the two e bike I tested on the same hill

It’s pretty nice

And it was listed at 2450 sale price at the trek store I think

When I’m ready to buy I will have to compare
the two I rode again in depth

This is the second I tried it’s 200 less and did the job
Missing a range gauge though

But 200 is 200 and it’s lighter so it’s almost the weight of a non bike which is a plus when the power runs out

The list is 2200 but my price is a hair under 1800 tax in

Bro said the other one is about 200 more for me

Taiwan is the center of the bike world

This seems like a nice one for my needs

Goldie motionless for minutes in the same exact pose in statue mode

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I don’t get the “need for greed” that Trek is charging three times the price for the Verve2 electric versus the Verve 2 regular bike that I have. Apparently the motor itself costs maybe what 300 bucks? And the associated hardware like the battery and the control system lets say is another 300 being its 600 dollars more for the maker (but I dont even think its that much, possibly closer to 400 maybe only 200) why then charge 3 times the price?? Other than GREED. My Verve 2 already has the aluminum frame and the shimano gears and the hydraulic brakes for the money. And the fact that people are paying these prices. I have been watching a lot of vids where major bike companies are in deep doodoo because they way over ordered bikes during the pandemic when their business exploded and now they have years of inventory in their warehouses.

But that may not be for Electric bikes as many of those are relatively new models.
Still come on!! Instead of charging (list) 900 for my regular bike, adding the electric components they should charge (list) 1800 instead of 2500!! Which is def the GREED speaking.

If they charged 1800 list I would think it’s fair for the electric components. So with my discounts if I can get it for 1300 instead of 1800 it would be pretty fair in my book.

And the cheaper model (fx not verve) for another 200 less would make it 1100 and I would be a buyer.

As it is I am holding off for the price drop when the makers get more desperate due to having a lot of inventory and need CASH coming in .

I saw a vid where TREK is going to cut 10pct of current expenses and cut 40pct off SKU (bikes in stock) by 2026. It does take YEARS to weed out the over supply in the warehouse issue. Which means bike MAKERS (don’t know if Trek makes its bikes itself or more likely contracts out the actual manufacturing) are going to have to fire people and shut factories in order to thin out the warehouses. OR HERES A THING, WHY NOT MAKE THE FRICKING THINGS HALF OFF ACROSS THE BOARD. Which would cost them money as that would possibly be below cost but will save them from stagnant money. That is the money is still in hard goods and not in CASH which can then help the company. The longer they sit on hard goods the more interest to be paid to the banks giving them the credit line and the more the overall less sanguine economic situ for the makers.

WHORE OUT THE BIKES I SAY and possibly get more people on bikes who otherwise may not be on bikes.

Still easier said than done as many makers are selling seemingly nice bikes at less than 300 bikes at Walmart and Target (i am possibly getting one for guests to ride) . Its a squeeze out there.

I think the makers like TREK better DUMP their inventories fast and at least ONE electric bike will be sold to me…

Or maybe i should go Hiland (chinese brand) electric like this one for 500 bucks seems to be well equipped with the right components. and 350w battery while the cheapest Trek i am looking at has only a 250w battery.

Hiland Rockshark Electric Bike Electric Mountain Bike Aluminum 27.5 inch 350W 20MPH Adults E-Bike Shimano 21 Speed Disc Brake Suspension Fork with 36V 10.4Ah Removable Battery Grey - Walmart.com

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OK, John… :sweat_smile:

ok im a gonna change that to HOAR to protect innocent reading ears.

You answered yourself in the same paragraph. Prices are set by what people will pay, not by cost.

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yes alas but those people can pay 1800 but this person can not … my budget is 1100 maxxed out for a quality electric bike or i may have to chance it with walmart brands

3500 a year ago ? Don’t know if that’s Canadian but now this model is 2450 USD at my bros shop where he works

Think my price was 2000 tax included

They have a new verve 2 electric that’s more streamlined with the battery hidden

Forgot to ask the price of that one
My complaint is that’s near three times the price of the normal verve 2

Shouldn’t be more than twice in my humble view

Looks like this but a slightly less expensive verve 2 instead of 3
Some component differences such as 250 watt battery

Waiting for deals

Today was the infamous bay 2 breakers mini marathon in San Francisco where people in their thousands together to run from the Embarcadero up through the city through the Golden Gate Park and culminating at Ocean Beach. I have not seen this for 20 years because I moved away from the city for that long so today I rode my bike over there to see what all the hoop was about and it was pretty much like the last time I saw it. There was a lot of people in costume I would say probably 90% of the runners with some sort of costume, which is cool to see there’s lotta interesting costumes and it seems like everybody Participated was having a good old time even though the weather was kind of chilly at around 14°C and what’s worse there was lot of wind and it was a cloudy day so the weather certainly wasn’t the best and most of these runners were you know pretty much undressed and there were quite a few male runners that were running naked because this was the one time the city allowed people to run naked in the streets. I don’t see why guys wanna do that because you are really punishing your little Willie Zapping around like that for 8 miles and I did notice some people ran with their dogs and I really hope they didn’t run the whole 8 miles because I’m not sure your average house pet can tackle 8 mile run unless the dogs pretty used to it so I think that would be a form of animal abuse at any rate it seemed like a great event. There was a lot of food trucks and even a nice band playing and it was a big turnout so it was a heap of fun

I decided to take my bike across the Golden Gate Bridge and take the ferry back to Pier 39 and then cycle Chrissy fields and then back up to the gate and then catch a bus home which I did took several hours was a lot of fun. super windy today though so I had a lot of headwind made riding ore difficult really made me wish I had an electric bicycle, but the sun came out during the bike ride and it was really beautiful, super high winds and the ferry ride was quite choppy and quite fun actually a lot of foreign tourist all around me a lot of would rent these bike where you pick up the bike at fisherman wharf and ride across the Golden Gate bridge and then take the ferry back to the bike shop so there were lots of people doing that . Seems like something that a tourist should do so it was a great day a lot of bike riding some tough head winds . I need that electric bike.