A Dear Friend, Remembered

A very dear friend of mine died this week. Of a stroke. He was one of South Africa’s greatest stage actors and its #1 A cappella artist. He sang in my band as a guest, on numerous occasions. He didn’t smoke or do drugs. Hardly drank. Did yoga and exercised every day.
I’m pretty fucking crippled.

Anyway, I just want to share this piece of live brilliance from him. What a voice. No video, unfortunately, so just close your eyes. I’d be interested in your opinions.


That was incredible. My condolences JP.


Condolences, never fun times when death comes round. But he does have a very cool voice. Will be sharing this song around the campfire for sure :slight_smile: take care of yourself.

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Sorry for your loss.

That was very interesting. I’d like to hear more, if you are happy to share.

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Sorry to hear that. He sounds like he was very talented. I also lost a friend just a couple weeks ago. This year sucks.

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What really gets me is how fragile our existence is. Here’s a talented bloke, a societal asset, who looks after himself, and just BANG, he’s gone. Fuck, he was my age; nearly 60. I always wonder if this will be my last post.

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It sounds like your friend tried to make the most of life. Nobody really knows just how long we’ll be here. I’ve buried more friends and family than I wish to remember all while wondering why any of the countless stupid and dangerous things I’ve done haven’t been the end of me. The great thing about now is that we all have the ability to be able to keep our friends and families memories with us much easier. My condolences for your loss.