A decent BBQ

Summers just about here and I’ve moved into a larger place with a big balcony. I’m looking for a western style/size, propane BBQ. I was in B&Q and they had one little two burner jobbie but only the broken floor model was remaining. I also went into the Yong He Costco and they only had one large one that didn’t have knobs to control temperature.

Any ideas where to buy something decent?

i-house.com.tw/product/searc … 9%E7%88%90

tw.ttnet.net/%AFN%A6%D7%C4l-prod … 020-1.html

twdd.com/ec99/style36/ShowGo … arent_id=0

I salivated over the grill at Costco. WOW! so cool. I asked for a discount because of the soiling but didn’t get far.
Seriously, this was a really nice grill. Jhongua outlet.

Thanks for the info Feiren.

I’d really like to go take a look at some in person. Is there a shop around Taipei that has any I can take a look at?

There’s one being flogged on the Taipei Buy sell trade page on facebook. Australian. NT$10,000 ono. It’s a way down the page, as a lot of people have been posting stuff this week. But it was still going on Sunday.

facebook.com/groups/taipeib … e/?fref=ts