...a dual medium photograph developer

I put this on the photo thread originally before I knew this one existed, so sorry if you read this twice. I need to develop some pictures taken on an SLR, but I need them on disk as well as in the usual hard print format. I’ve asked around a bit but I cant seem to find any shop that will do both at the same time. last time, I had to develop my prints conventionally, and then take them to a different shop where I had them scanned onto CD and this proved to be an expensive old business ($1000 in total for 36 prints ($500) and 11 scanned images on disk ($500)).
Anyone know of any chain stores, or any others in Tainan, that can do both these things and, hopefully, at a more realistic price?? Thanks.

(and, incidentally, is anyone else having bizarre fantasies about the tall cardboard girl in the white miniskirt that stands outside many photoshops??)