A Favour from Forumosa - Campaign Materials

Haha. It would be most appreciated.

I have to figure out when and where the parties are holding campaign rallies. They sell souvenirs there too and they hand out free food.

Do you need pictures of bus ads?

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No unless they are particularly wild. Appreciated though. They’re everywhere and I can certainly grab a bit of B-roll of them rolling by since they can’t advertise on the three MRT systems Taiwan has.

Thank the old gods and the new for that.

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Our first one has been attained! Today we got a Ko Wen Je pack of Serviettes.

Nothing screams support like wiping your boogies and No. 2 on a politician. I wouldnt mind some mr korea wipes come to think of it. Silent protest.


Save some for me! I want the Han Kuo-Yu ones too. It has to be fair.

Today’s haul was great! Got lots of things.

Bottles of water,
A towel

Will be attempting other parties in the coming weeks as well. They just don’t seem to have any of their offices opened and organised yet. Every bus I took, when I saw a campaign office. It was green.

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This weekend’s haul was great as well! Lots of campaign souvenirs from the Han rally in Banciao. Not too many campaign flyers or materials though. Didn’t seem to be as much a party as the DPP one. No booths, just cheap stools to sit on. Pictures to be edited in tonight. It seemed that candidates only brought their own campaign staffers and weren’t much interested in talking to the public.

Also if anyone happens to walk past/bus past/go past a campaign office or local party headquarters but are simply unable to go there. Feel free to take a picture of it and give me the address/co-ordinates so that I can attempt to go. Or post it here.

Always much appreciated!

Ko’s party is selling a «souvenir» package…at 2000 NTD a pop.

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Ooh interesting, appreciated! At Party Headquarters?

On line I think. Let me try find the link.

BTW which party are the red and white flags with pro Independence messages?

Some guy gave them to me outside the DPP Rally at Banciao High School. It seems to be an activist movement called the Taiwan Independence Association 獨立臺灣會.

In fact, when police searched my bags to make sure nothing was prohibited from entering, they actually barred me from entering with those flags. I just had them in my bag.

They held onto them for me and gave them back when I left.

Mostly because the flag pole could be used as a weapon. Dangerous item. Not really what was written on them.

Would love those…at home.

No no no. I had plenty of flags from other DPP campaign offices. They specifically picked out THOSE flags.

Oh now that’s spicy stuff.

If I get one more of each. I’ll save them for you.

I’ve got some stuff for you:

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I got one with a Taiwan flag, but it doesn’t seem very strong for weapon usage…

Little bit of neighbourly pre election flag competition going on here. (No picture quiz points for locating it though)