A Favour from Forumosa - Campaign Materials

I got a trash bag!

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Remember that scene in The Conversation? :pen: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Hi. I am going to mail this stuff tomorrow. I appreciate the collections!

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Bye bye boxes!


With ROC flags!

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I found the roc box thing funny too. Also in chinese. Then a made in taiwan in the corner. Any reason you went with thaqt option?

I wonder if you sent something with the dpp flag on it to HK…would it be delivered? This would be a great test of their freedom.

Yeah. It’s interesting. It is the only box with the country’s flag on it. When it goes on video. It is far more interesting than a generic brown box or yellow DHL box.

I have not involved myself in territories controlled by the PRC. That’s one way to get my visa cancelled and sent to a Uighur concentration camp.

I’d prefer to anonymously campaign instead

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Did you get any materials in taiwanese, or in other languages?

Everything is in Chinese Characters. If it was in Taiwanese, it’d probably still be using Chinese Characters. I haven’t looked closely at the language, but most formalised writing from Sinitic languages tend to look the same, no matter if it’s Chinese, Cantonese or Taiwanese.

If I picked up a newspaper in Hong Kong, I wouldn’t be able to tell that it was Cantonese, cause I’d just read it in Chinese pronunciation in my head.



Where you able to get a video of the president saying a message to the viewers?

Not yet! Still trying! Will try to chase an MP tomorrow

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It’s up!

I’m going to sleep. I waited till 3am to watch this.

See if you guys can find my comment!


I didn’t have any involvement in this video. But President Tsai is still there and despite the name… It seems he’s not done talking about Taiwan. Yay!

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New year’s rearrangement!

The doll remains. 11 months later.

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Whats with his pronunciation of OU? Is he from newfoundland? It sounds intentional haha.