A favour I could ask a 28 year old Taiwanese girl for

Advice please…there is a chick I met recently at a toastmasters club meeting in Taipei. Anyway, I’m interested in her and I asked her to hike but she said she’s too busy these days (I wouldn’t want her to make it that easy for me anyway ha ha). Anyway instead of another date idea I think I should ask her for a favour/help with something to have an excuse to see her again and take it from there. Can you think of a favour that I could ask? As a foreigner this ought to be easy but I’m stuck …

Why not just ask her out for a date?


turned down the hike? probably not into you. ask her out for a meal and see what she says, no need to come up with some creative plan.

alternatively you could just walk out your front door and wait for the girls to start rubbing themselves all over you, you know being a foreigner an all.


Hike is too much of a commitment for many on the first date. It’s long and you’re kind of stuck on it for a while.

Get a coffee or something easy. Then discuss a possibility of a hike if you know some great places she would like. Assuming she likes to go on hikes.


on the flipside… if she likes you she will go. although i admit its not a great choice unless the girl is outdoorsy i can’t say i’ve been turned down even tho i dont know wtf i was thinking asking certain sun umbrella holding types to go hiking…


Toastmasters are usually into self-improvement. Find an activity that makes you a better you and her a better her, and talk about how interested you are in the activity, give her a couple minutes to act interested, then say wish someone would join you.

Or connect it to one of speeches where you need assistance with something.

Not that I planned to meet girls via toastmasters.

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Haha :joy:

way too hot for a hike right now lol, just take her out to a coffee shop and chill out


I would just straight up ask her out. Otherwise just strike up a discussion close to the end of the meeting and then segue way into what she wants to do after the meeting chances are she might want to go for lunch/dinner/drinks.

at toastmasters?
offer a language conversation over coffee or tea.
make up some subject that you want to learn in chinese, depending on your language ability.
if she doesn’t want to even do that, she’s not interested, then ask her if she knows any cute girls who like to hike

By the way a lot of girls don’t like to hike, sweat, or be in sunshine. She may have been avoiding any or all of those


It’s too hot to do outdoorsy things right now. We don’t want to sweat off our makeup if we’re trying to make a good impression.

Agreed. It was 42 today. Only walking possibly could be the confines of an air conditioned mall.

Give me her number and I will figure out

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A hike on a first date is kind of heavy. You could be a serial killer for all she knows. Why not a coffee or say you wanna try some local food dish and can she recommend a place and it would be great if she could join you…
Or pull up in a black people carrier with tinted windows and say “Ride with me”


So basically, you know nothing about her except that she’s in toastmasters.

She could be married, have a boyfriend, not into guys (assuming you are a guy), just like to be single, not want to be in any sort of romantic relationship, etc…


Yes, you would. Don’t lie.

She might not be into hiking. Or she doesn’t know you that well and worries about being taken advantage of in an isolated place. Or maybe she just doesn’t want to sweat off her make-up and get swamp ass. Do something more low-key, like ask her out for coffee or lunch. And just be honest with your feelings, but not in a creepy and/or desperate way. Save the hiking for when you’re actually in a relationship with her.

EDIT: I see pretty much everyone else in this thread has said the same thing about hiking…


After many years this is honestly the best advice a man needs to hear. And honestly a woman as well. So much of my time wasted on playing it cool and not making my intention clear like I’m trying to trick someone on a date and liking me. Women like it when a man can take control and be confident of what he wants. Being direct is not the same as being needy and creepy.

Be direct about your intentions. Your chances of straight out saying you want to bed her is still far better than being passive on the whole deal.


Dude it’s 2019, drop the use of chick. If she says she’s too busy it means she isn’t interested in you pure and simple. Give it up. Move on to another “prospect”.

And please lose this mindset; “As a foreigner this ought to be easy…”


We should request a thread split to discuss the appropriateness of the label “chick.” I for one am pro-chick and the current calendar year won’t change that.

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