A few ARC questions

Hi, my current ARC (through my Buxiban) will expire at the end of next month.

I don’t want to renew with the school if I can help it and am in the process of interviewing for various other jobs (non teaching jobs).

Should I get an offer that I want to take, what documents will I need to apply for the new ARC with the new company? From my current school, would it just be a cancel contract agreement, or something more? Also, is my boss required to provide me the cancel contract agreement? I have a feeling she will be less than compliant once she finds out I don’t intend to stay at the school.

Also, I’m not sure I will be able to get everything in place in time. In which case, what would I need to apply for the 6 month job seeking extension?

And finally, if I am on a 6 month extension and I need to go back to the UK (sister’s wedding), would I run into any problems getting back into the country?


Apply for it and you have plenty of time to get a new job.

No problems.

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Thanks for the reassurance! I’m hoping not to be on the job seeking ARC for very long, but just in case.