A few good handbooks about business letters?

Does anyone know a few very good books that teach people to write professional business letters? Your suggestion will be greatly appreciated!

“Improve Your Writing for Work: Express Yourself Clearly and Concisely” by Elizabeth Chesla, M.A.

Check out the business section at Eslite on Dun Hua. I remember seeing a few books there that deal with letter writing specifically.

From what I’ve seen at the various bookstores around town, there isn’t much out there that is useful or well-written.

I always just use my personal experience in a business environment.

Have you considered searching the internet for resources? I’ve seen some pretty good primers for different writing subjects that may meet your needs.

the handbook of quick business letters - warden.

PM me for book description and/or ordering details.

(my thesis advisor wrote it, but i’ve seen it in various other offices, including some of my instructors’. they all claimed it was useful.)