A few pointers!

I need some guidance folks…Can a few of you tell me what to expect when I step off the plane in Taipei…What will I have to sign??? Will they stamp me for 60 days with out question, assuming I’m a tourist. Should I show them my degree, and tell them my intentions or just hope to find a school to take care of the paper work? If there is anything I should know please inform me…


You’re arriving with a tourist visa. Don’t tell them you plan to work here! You are a tourist. Once you have a job, your school will apply for your work permit. Put your degree in your suitcase. You do not need it to get into Taiwan. In fact, it will most likely hinder your arrival if you do.

Tourists don’t sign anything at the airport. I don’t think anyone does. You won’t get hassled. Entry into Taiwan is a snap.

As for telling them your intentions…don’t volunteer anything. If you are asked questions, which is unlikely, tell them that you are a tourist and will be staying at a hostel or a hotel once in Taipei. Tell them you plan to see the major sites. Bring the Lonely Planet Guide to Taiwan and read through it to become familiar with the places vistors go to. You will use it often once in Taiwan anyway.