A few questions (Miaoli Area)

If I don’t get this job in Japan, I’m just going to go and visit Taiwan this October or November. I’ll probably do some job-hunting in Miaoli and Taichung, as well as some general sightseeing, might see the east, etc… I’d like to know what type of weather to expect, what type of clothing to bring, and the general costs and travel times of trains/buses/whatever between Miaoli and Taichung.

I’d also like to find female companionship, if at all possible. I’m a short Black man, and I understand that that is a major disadvantage, but I’d still like to give it a shot. Any suggestions?

Finally, I’d like to know if I can use my Citibank ATM card to withdraw NTD in Taiwan. I was able to withdraw yen in Japan at ATMs at the airport, in post offices, on the street, or at the local Citibank branches; I’d like to know if I can do the same in Taiwan.

Thank you.

Jeez anything else you want to ask. How about your star sign?

On the weather, I am not sure where you are from, but October or November generally isn’t that cold in Miaoli or Taichung. Sometimes it does get windy, especially in Miaoli, so I wuld say light jacket, and something that is wind proof. YOu probably will need it for motorcycle riding anyway.