A Few Words from the Moderators

Hi everybuddy,

  1. I just want to let you know that I co-mod the Dating and Relationships and Open Forums. Whenever I flounder, I always title them as follows:

D&R OT-Title of Original Thread” or
Open OT-Title of Original Thread

then I move them to flounder. If you have a question about why I floundered them, you are welcome to PM me. I’m very reasonable even when I drink.

So far I have received no complaints, except for the recent Asian/Western women thread which I floundered and locked because that hill of a discussion will most def turn into a flame fest. So I took preventative measures, and Drewfus understood my perspective yesterday.

  1. If posts are off topic, they get floundered, no questions asked (by me).

  2. Most times I PM posters that I have floundered their posts to explain why. But I may not have the time to, so you are free to ask me why if I don’t get to you first.

Thank you for your understanding.


Best regards,

You called me crude. That hurt my feelings very much. :wink:

I thought the title of the thred was misleading because there were only a few words from one moderator. But now that I posted, it makes perfect sense.

Masticate. Carburretor. Pangolin. Frottage. Celery.

Oh, and happy anniversary 914. Mine’s on Saturday. Four years!