A field hockey club in Taipei?

Hi! Are there any field hockey clubs in Taipei? Do they play field hockey at all?


try contact these people:

vntonline.org/joomla/index.php?o … e&Itemid=1

OK. Thanks a lot!

hey chus did you ever find out about field hockey here? I’m keen to get back into it if you got any info

Not sure if there is an astro turf here in here taipei is there?

I didn’t find any, I’m sorry! I’m now searching for subsitute sports lol

are there any other people out there interested in playing?
i’m sure we could start a 5-a-side comp pretty easy.
otherwise if anyone knows of a club / comp let us know!! cheers

I used to play quite a lot- I’d definitely be up for it!

I made some more enquiries - there’s no team or competition in Taipei but there is a turf and a team out at Taoyuan. If anyone is keen to play some mens / mixed 5-a-side on a half sized pitch send me a PM and I’ll look into getting something going!!

I just setup a group for those interested in playing hockey in Taipei


feel free to join and discuss further there

We’re looking to get mixed six-a-side field hockey going on a roller hockey rink, under lights on a tuesday night near Banqiao. The rink is flat, smooth, and slightly wider than an indoor court with conrete walls surrounding that can be used as boards.

Hockey equipment can be purchased from a guy in Taichung. All the information can be found on the google group:


I’d be keen to join. Played hockey for over 15 years and need the exercise.
And live in Chung Ho so not that far away. How many numbers have you got so far???

hi, the info is updated on the google group. If you have any problems PM me, cheers~!

My work’s security settings don’t like google groups! I’d love to play though. Please add me to the email list/whatever. My Forumosa user name at yahoo. Cheers!

we could change from field hockey to Lacrosse?

Did anything ever get sorted with this? I’m moving to Taipei in October, and I’m a keen hockey player over here in the UK, so I was wondering whether it would be worth me bring my stick over, Taiwan appear to have an international team so they must play it somewhere?

A long time ago - 2004 - I was looking for a hockey team. Stumbled upon the Tauyen (sp?) crowd. They were v. sweet and let me play, even though most of them were 15yr old boys and I was a 24 yr old woman…thinking about it…maybe that was why they let me play!! :wink: Anyhow, they were all really friendly and they had some kind of Asian hockey game comp. and their girls’ team showed up so I got to play with them on that occasion, I asked where they were the rest of the time, and why did they not train, Coach said it’s cos they wanna go shopping and not go brown! I ended up learning to surf!

Haha nice work, if I fail to find a team do you happen to still have any contact details? Was it a junior team, or did they just happen to be kids, 'cause I’m a 25 year old man and I play to a fairly high standard over here so it would be interesting to see how accepting they’d be of me. I wouldn’t mind doing some coaching indecently just to keep my eye in, so I could always go that way if it’s more of a kids game to play out there.

I did keep the guys card in a shoe box of random things so I will have a little look and let you know. He was the PE teacher at the local school. They do have a mens and womens national side - but they don’t really train!!! But when I played with the teenage boys I was suprised as it was a very different game to what I was used to in UK where I played county level hockey. And they were really super nippy and able to twist and turn in the extremely hot weather, I felt my big hairy foreigner syndrome on the rampage that day!! The binglang chewing, day time drinking over weight middle aged men coaches loved me…but then I was a 24yr old woman!! Shave your legs, get a skirt on and head over!

You’re very lucky, I’m moving house so going through everything, and what did I find today but the card! Details are: Chiang Ti Lung is the coach and he was at Chien Kuo Primary School, which is located on No.10, chien Kuo Road, Ching Shui Town, Taichung County. Office is 046262334 and other is 046272425.

Good luck! :wink:

Awesome, much appreciated, I’ll give them a go when I get out there, now all I need are some boobs! :wink:

That seems pretty crazy though, you’d think that if you played a sport for your country then you’d definitely do some sort of training for it, no matter what the sport was, how bizarre. Being half Chinese, hopefully I’ll be able to keep up with them all. :bow: