A good Christian church

I just moved to Taipei 2 weeks ago and am looking for a Christian church to attend. Any information would be much appreciated!

Here’s the [url=http://tw.forumosa.com/t/church/439/2 topic[/url] with addresses.

Calvary International Baptist Church21, Yang De Da Dau, Sec. 2, YangMingShan 2831-3458

AIT has a list

Many thanks!! Super kind of you both!

Just buy an english newspaper on a Saturday such as the Taipei Times, The China Post or Taiwan News. Most of the Christian churches places an ad of their Sunday worship service and I’ve seen at least two or three Baptist church posted. There are other Christian worship services also posted besides Baptist churches.

The Church of the Good Shepherd, mentioned in [url=http://tw.forumosa.com/t/church/439/2 other thread[/url], is Anglican. It has both Chinese and English services. I have attended on a couple of occasions despite being an atheist. The church is in Shilin.

That’s ok, Juba, no need to explain - noone will think any less of you. (I only read Playboy magazine for the articles. :wink: )

There are all sorts of churches near Da’an Forest Park. Catholic, Lutheran, Baptist, etc. There’s even a mosque, and nearby is a Mormon temple. Something for everyone!