A good day for drinking

What a gorgeous day! I’m sitting here in my study as the sun - about three outstretched fingers from the horizon - melts into the horizon. I’m on the 9th flloor and there’s a good view to the west. I should be working on some boring textbooks but I decided to concentrate my energies on booze and following the one day cricket match between the pommie bastards and the curry munchers. I’m happy to report that the former are being spanked by the latter.

But back to the topic at hand - what a lovely day. Riding into Chiayi City this morning was a pleasure. For the first time in a month I could see - under an Australian blue sky - the majestic Central Ranges, rising up like a cathedral from the fertile plains. And in the roadside fields farmers were harvesting their second rice crop of the year - flocks of egrets, in their hundreds, picking over the newly turned earth.

A good day for drinking.

Stay away from them coronaries.

I’m in the wrong job, in the wrong part of Taipei. :cry:

For a tough guy, you bruise easy!
Looking forward to meeting you Mr. Chief and partaking of the happy water.

I’m in the sticks of Chiayi County. Cheap living, but, unfortunately, largely because there is nothing to spend money on.

Well, I’m self-employed, mostly working from home. For a weaker man this could lead to excessive drinking, but, thankfully, I have an iron German will.

Not disputing your judgement, AJ, but when is it not a good day for drinking?

The one marvelous upside of economic stagnation and depression - factories shudder to a stop allowing a peak at the skies. Gorgeous days here in HK of late too.

Cheers, AJ


Fair call. In my drunken haste I forgot to put “especially” before “good,” as every day is obviously good for drinking.

Cheers fellow ANZAC.

It’s 10am here. Boo, sniff.

Fair call. In my drunken haste I forgot to put “especially” before “good,” as every day is obviously good for drinking.[/quote]
That’s more like it.


I know there are several acceptable establishments just yards from your place of employ which start serving at lunchtime. So looking at it that way, you just have a couple of hours to go.

Shite, that’s virtually afternoon. I’ve already had a couple of whiskies by then.

Very true. Sloped off yesterday for Lebanese food, though. Have to be good. Or at least visible.

I was thinking the same thing here in Tainan NE, you could actually see not just the first row but the second and a little of the third row of peaks. A breeze coming in to knock the heat out of the day. A lovely day for drinking. Good day to be in Taiwan. Cheers to you all.

AJ, nothing about the full moon tonight. A quanjiu if ever there was one.

HGC, unfortunately the economic turndown is also driving down the price of gas which is making traffic a nightmare here on the fair isle.

Hey Almas John! It’s 10.30 am! How do you feel now, after your conference with the Taiwan beer?

MMMM! My third whisky is really going down. It’s a good day for drinking.

It was a good morning for shooting up heroin.

Isn’t every morning?

Isn’t every morning?[/quote]

Well, that’s the way it’s supposed to work, I guess.

I’m not feeling it’s a great morning for the supermarket or puppy-sitting. Aiyo.

I picked a bad day to quit sniffing glue.