A good dentist :(

Hey everyone, my wisdom teeth is starting to grow and I’m in a massive amount of pain and I don’t think I can wait much longer. Is it advisable to have it removed here? If so, would anyone happen to know where? Thank you! :smiley:

Check this out!

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I use Evergreen Dental in Banciao. Exit 1 or 2 at Fuzhong MRT. Go past HiMart department store to the next light. Cross Jongshan Rd. and turn left. The dentist office is 2 or 3 stores down. (5-7 minute walk) Docs have excellent English and don’t overcharge. Expect them to make an appointment for you on the first trip. Return and they will do an exam and charge 100 NT. They will make a 2d appointment for the procedure or make an appointment for you at Mackey with an oral surgeon. Another 100 NT and probably a prescription charge if done at Mackey.
I might mention that if you can get the recommendation for surgical removal by an oral surgeon, your medical insurance may pick up the tab and you can get the procedure done under anesthesia at Mackay Hospital (along with some “happy happy” meds for later.

Chibby, I am too late to post by the way. But still I want to tell you that when my wisdom tooth was coming I consulted dentist Hermosa Beach. He gave me some medicines and I was all fine within some days. It’s not good to remove your wisdom teeth. But anyways. I hope you are fine now. Keep smiling.


I had mine growing strong, ripping apart my gums and giving me all kinds of pain, and the only solution was to remove them, because I had no physical space to fit them into my mouth. No amount of meds would have solved that. For some people it’s possible to keep them, but sometimes the only solution is taking them out with a crowbar (a dentist’s crowbar, but anyways…).