A good doctor

I am in desperate need of a good doctor, one who can speak a little english. I am in a lot of pain with a sore throat and ear aches. If you know of any in taipei city please let me know. I would really appreciate it.


Go to the Adventist hospital, corner of Bade road and Dunhua Rd.

Print this and show it to a taxi driver:


Why not go to “榮總” near TienMu, or Tai-Da (台大) Hospital. The doctors there must have more experiences treating foreigners.

The Adventist hospital has traditionally been the place where they saw most foreigners, however that said, nearly every doctor in Taiwan actually understands a bit English, as they keep records in that language.

I go to the Veterans hospital rather often, however I have found it to be in the middle of the range only, below Taida and Changgeng. Also, it’s a bit out of the way, unless you live in Tianmu.

But for something sounding like a bad flu, most doctors should be able to sort you out.