A Good Eye Specialist

My girlfriend has pretty serious myopia (-14) and she’s looking for a good eye doctor who can speak English, ANYWHERE IN TAIWAN (Tainan area or south Taiwan preferably. But Taipei would certainly be ok).

In particular, she’s looking for a specialist who has some expertise in more severe forms of myopia and degenerative diseases. She’s young, so it’s kind of weird that her eyes are getting worse.

She needs a check-up and some general advice about the health of her eyes. As well, she needs someone who can fit her properly with lenses.

So far everybody she’s seen in Tainan tends to shuffle her along and doesn’t quite know how to cope with her unique situation.

Any help or suggestions are greatly appreciated!!

Does your girlfriend only have myopia or does she also have Keratoconus?

It could be that none of these doctors want to spend the time or the trouble of fitting a keratoconic eye. If it is so, they have to spend time fitting her with hard lenses.

Has she ever been fitted with any type of contact lenses? Is she wearing hard or soft lenses?

i know of a pretty good eye specialist (the hospital is in XiYuanLu, Taibei)

he’s from HK, so his english is no prob. u can pm me. does the girl have insurance here?

Thanks for your replies.

Yes she has worn contacts before. In fact she has been wearing soft lenses for the past 10 years or so. Recently though she has been experiencing pain while wearing the soft lenses and has been told to switch to hard lenses. A little strange… Now she’s wearing glasses.

Keratoconus? I don’t think so. But I really don’t know. A doctor in Canada told her it is a case of degenerative myopia - a genetic weakening at the back of the eye. It certainly would be good to get another opinion.