A good female dermatologist in Taipei


I’ve been having some skin issues, which started about a year ago from being itchy to almost bleeding if i scratch and now its secreting some strange oil…please please recommend a female dermatologist who can speak English…


Why female?

I bet you don’t really want to know the answer to that question!

To the OP, I’m sorry that I can’t help you with information, but I can be very empathetic. I have lots of skin issues here. I’ve had before persistant itching that would bleed at the slightest touch. It is some sort of psoriasis problem and you really need to find a dermatoligist, not a cosmatologist, and that can be tough in Taipei. Mine got better when I left the island. I’ve been back three days now and I’m beginning to have problems again already!

You could just try a regular doctor, you know. Any doctor will be able to treat it, or help you find someone who can.

Doesn’t calamine help?

Because of the humidity, the problem’s usually fungal. I had a lot of skin itches until I used a fungicide cream. Back it up with a cortisone topical to relieve the itching.

This cat is supposedly the shit when it comes to the pifu kes in ole Taipei. His clinic is on Nanjing near the Aisaworld. He has plenty of female dermos on staff.


2 Tbsps ACV in 250 Ml water…spray on the body when still wet in the shower…should be enough to return the acid mantle to your skin. Or maybe try a handmade soap without all the crap in it.

You won’t smell like a salad when you are dry. Also does wonders for the hair on your head if you spray it and leave it.

Give it a shot and see if it works.

I toss in Tea tree oil, Juniper berry oil, Niaouli oil and whatever else I feel like.

Sorted out my skin rash.

hello, is there anyone here who knows english speaking dermatologist near any MRT station? I live in taipei main station.

Been living here for 5 months and, having a very sensitive skin, moving to a different country does not help. I use dermovate usually but it seems that it’s not working in taiwan for weird reasons. Same as above, i’m getting itchy. Mostly on my arms and my hands. I’m okay with those but recently, it went to my face! And i can’t accept that since i’m also conscious… I really need to find a way to treat it. I’m not sure if it’s psoriasis or eczema or something else. Really need to have it check because i’m afraid it might become permanent on my face if left untreated.

Hope to get your advice. Thanks.

[quote=“jtansanco”] I live in taipei main station.
That’s probably why you have a rash. You need to look for alternative accommodation.

[quote=“jimipresley”][quote=“jtansanco”] I live in taipei main station.
That’s probably why you have a rash. You need to look for alternative accommodation.[/quote]

Yeah, i’m contemplating to get a cleaner place to stay. I’m really thinking the problem is my room. No matter how often i clean my place, i just don’t get how the dusts keep on multiplying as if they’re alive. Plus, having allergies with dusts do not help at all…

Any place you know where i can have my skin checked?

I’ve always has eczema problems since I was a kid.

In Taipei, I went to a standard family doctor who gave me Clobetasol cream. (One brand name is Medodermone). This will clear it up quickly - better than anything I was given in the UK but mustn’t be used for very long. Use cotton gloves / bandages to ensure good absorption.

Try to use products without sodium laureth sulphate as much as possible. (This is the stuff that makes dishwashing soap / shampoo / body wash foam up; it’s VERY difficult to avoid… :unamused: )




do u know shops where its possible to buy free of Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS) things in Taipei?
and how to say(write) Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS) in chinese?

Lot of thanks!