A Good International Business Magazine

I have somehow been deemed a subscription to, what so far is, a very good magazine for those who are doing or hope to do business at an international level.

I have not spent much time on their website;but I do reccomend the magazine…so far.

I always liked businessweek and economist. I used to read one or two others, but I hated the slow / gradual / horrible changes to the reporting style. I can see the same trend in BW, too, but I still read it.


How’s about online investing and business newsletters?

I like “Thoughts from the Frontline
Hedge fund consultants and investment advisor - specialists in recommending hedge funds and investment managers, alternative investments, market timers, managed futures funds, managed futures, managed accounts, private placements and …”



  • Dogs of the Dow
    • The Sapient Investor
    • Investment Rarities

Are also pretty good websites, I think.