A Good Military Style Haircut

Hello Everybody!

I moved to Taiwan about three months ago and absolutely love it here. The only downside is that I have been getting HORRIBLE haircuts. I think 1/2 of it is because I don’t speak Chinese, and the other 1/2 is because I don’t have a clue where to go. I am wondering if anybody knows of a good barber that can give a “military” style haircut…really close on the sides and faded so that it blends in about halfway up on the head. Also, I only like a light trim on the top of my head…done with scissors.

I know this may be asking alot, but figured I would ask just in case anyone may know a good barber. I live in Taipei and hope to find one around here. Thanks in advance to anyone who can offer me help!

You could always buy a pair of hair clippers and get your woman to do it. If you are currently womanless, you could give a mate some booze to do it. Mates are often a bit reluctant to do it because - frankly - it smacks of gayness. But, if you are both liquored up really good, it should not be a problem.

And you could always work the hair clippers by yourself.

Of course, I’m a cautionary tale of staying too long in Taiwan, a broken wreck who doesn’t care that his hair looks best suited to an escapee from a nut farm, so you should take any advice I give with a healthy dollop of salt.

The last time I came home from the barbershop I was on the verge of chopping it all off…the haircut I got was H-O-R-R-I-B-L-E!

You tried the NT$100 in Carrefour :roflmao:
I guess the easy way is to get one of these shopping.pchome.com.tw/?mod=item … 7&ROWNO=10

:slight_smile: That actually doesn’t look that bad! I’m still pulling for a good barber shop though…there HAS to be one somewhere in Taipei!

Hang in there, there are lots of good barbers. Mine have been pretty good. Thing is Im not there now so I cant say if they are still there.

First you come to Taiwan with hair and you care (bout your hair)
then you stop caring about your hair as you dare
then you stop having hair and dont care

Then you can say you have been there
and probably are still here

But hey, I still have all my hair

Try the barber in the canteen in the basement of the NTNU (Shi-Da) students’ dormitory building.

Hey Everyone…

I just got in from getting an awful haircut. I hate to keep crying about it, but this one is really bad and I will be hosting clients all week. Anyway, i’m currently living over near the Westin hotel…if anyone knows of a good barbershop in the area that can cut a military style haircut PLEASE let me know. Please don’t jump on me, but i’ve been going to women barbers and am ready to search for a young man who is more familiar with the style…just doesn’t seem like the women have a clue.

Thanks again for any help… :frowning:

I am STILL growing my hair out from the awful mess that ‘hairdressers’ made of my hair in Taiwan, and I left over two years ago.

The sad thing is that I have long hair and just needed it to be trimmed. They even managed to screw that up royally. :frowning:

Good luck, mate.

SO sorry to hear that!!

Has anyone heard of “The Po Tun Barber Shop (in the Ambassador Hotel)”? I found it while searching online and it sounds like a good traditional barber shop…