A good (no, really good!) walkie talkie shop?

I have almost wasted an entire day from looking at walkie talkies because the owners of the shops dont know what they are selling.

I need:
A short range FRS (Family Radio Service) device, AKA: line of sight device with:

  1. The option to use normal AA or AAA batteries as well as the normal rechargables.
  2. Most importantly* The option to use VOX (voice activation) through a light ear hanger headset with short mic, NOT through the main body of the walkie talkie, as I dont care about that as it will be in my pocket.
  3. A unit of about 1500 to 2000NT in price.
  4. Aproximately 0.5 watts of power.

I have been to three shops today that have all told me different stories. One says that all VOX enabled devices will only work VOX through the main device and not through a headset. Another store told me that VOX can be operated through a headset and then failed to come up with a single headset that would work with the device they were showing me. Another store told me that I can purchase a device through them that they will match with a neck mounted voice box pickup mic, but I want a short ear mounted mic and earphone (better quality sound).
Another shop in Taoyen, Towyuen, the place with the international airport, you know what I mean told me that any shop which couldnt give me a unit with the ear mounted mic and speaker must be unprofessional which I am inclined to agree with, but I dont want to go all the way to Taoyen to be disapointed YET AGAIN! ARgghhhh!

Please help! Pretty please! Anyone???

Oh the place in airport country is here: sunham.com.tw/

it can be helpful, if you know a brand you would be happy with, to go to their website, they often have contact details for local distributors.

Try Guang Hua Computer Market in Taipei, located north and a little east of the Zhongxiao Xinsheng MRT on Civic Boulevard. There are quite a few walkie-talkie shops with quite a wide selection. The selection should be the same or better than the link you provided, but at least at Guang Hua there are about 4 or 5 shops all near each other so you can do some comparison shopping.

Yes, I went to Gwang Hwa, but that’s where I had all the trouble I talked about in my first post. They were not good enough and did not know how to either modify a product or find the suitable headset for it.
If I know the brand I am looking for I could resolve my problem. The reson I don’t know the brand I am looking for is that it seems to be very difficult to find any brand with a ‘soft tube’ ear hanger microphone that operates with VOX. I’m stuck unless I can find someone that can perhaps alter a microphone to fit.