A Good Optometrist in Taichung?

Has anyone successfully got a new pair of glasses here? Where did you go? There are a million places here in Taichung, but is there anyone in particular worth reccommending? Is there someone who can give you a fully comprehensive eye test? I just had a bad experience with one down the street and I’m feeling a little frustrated. :help:

Do optometrists get different training in Taiwan compared to other countries or is it the same?

HA HA! They don’t even seem to understand the concept. As far as I can see, in Taiwan you try on different pairs of glasses until one seems to help, and then get swindled into buying as expensive a pair as possible by the shop owner. I’ve never even seen an optometrist in Taipei.

Thanks. That’s pretty much what happened.
I did a search and I found a guy in DaYa who is a member of some optometrist association in America. Yay!