A good raw oyster bar?

Well, if you really like oysters fresh and sunny in Sydney, try two places further up the harbour (but same south side, and accessible by ferry from the main ferry wharf right near the first place I mentioned, or direct by water taxi right out the bar of the Oyster Bar).

The Boathouse on Blackwattle Bay. (I think the address is Ferry Road, Glebe). On the waterfront, great views and service, and a really good seafood restaurant, perhaps the best in Sydney. Upmarket, booking recommended.

Or, the NSW Oyster Growers Cooperative. In the grounds of the Sydney Fish Market, where osyters trucked in overnight from various rivermouths across NSW are sold by the gross (I think it’s actually 20-25 per box, about 15 dollars or so). Shipments up to 5,000 catered for! Grab a box, get them opened, then cross to the harbour side of the carpark and eat. Don’t forget to pick up a bottle of champagne as you wend your way past shoppers and fishmongers.

Thanks Black Country Woman!


[quote=“Black Country Woman”]Try looking up my friends’ small cafe bar The White House on Facebook - they have a lot of oyster nights (without the ritzy ditzy factor).

call ahead to ensure they’re open:
02- 27355778
大安區安和路二段217巷16號 - An-He Road, Section 2, Lane 217, No.16

Or “like” :thumbsup: them on FB for oyster night updates[/quote]

Following up on this to bring it a little more up to date, Justin Bistro and Wine Bar newly opened (last four months) in the Neo 19 building on the SongRen Rd side has some very special varieties on offer. There are maybe eight different types and you can order singles or by the half dozen. I sampled some French Royales which were nt$1500 for six, not exactly go to market and shuck them yourself prices, but they were fresh and they were so good! Washed down with a glass of champagne or even a glass of the Australian Moet Methode Traditionelle Sparkling Wine that is popping up all over here now, it was a big treat well worth the money. Price ranged between nt$1200 to nt$1500 per half dozen for what they had on offer that day.

The bar area is very comfortable, as well: It is a 360 degree center bar with seating all around and glass and steel storage hanging from the ceiling which they have smartly decorated with brightly colored bottles and other products that they use in the restaurant. Also the one wall is floor to ceiling stainless fridges with big glass fronts, so that you can see all the fresh produce that they use in the kitchen. Everything else is white and minimalist, which gives the whole place a very clean edge. Sky, from the original Justin Bistro off of DunHua and Civic is behind the bar, and he offers his usual quiet but well informed suggestion about what goes good with anything you try, should you ask.

I’m not going to say anything about the rest of the menu, as it is not specific to this thread and my partner and I only stopped in for the oysters, but they also have a fresh seafood bed on display behind the bar from which langoustine (the bigguns) and many kinds of clams can be chosen to go into your mains.

Thanks for the heads up ck. Sounds great.

At “the kitchen table” (W) they have imported Australian oysters that are decent included in the buffet ($990). Pretty good value if you stick to the appetizer side (beef carpaccio, etc.). And the prime rib ain’t too bad either.

But it is even brighter than 15. :laughing:

Be sure to sit outside near the pool for atmosphere.

Wondering about this place in Maji.

英國生蠔海鮮小屋 British Oysters Seafood Shed

My colleague who likes this trendy stuff told me it’s a British guy importibg oysters from the UK, they serve them with some different sauces and they have beer.

Are UK oysters renouned? Large worldwide exporter? Serious question, seem a long way to travel.

I don’t think so.

But Irish Galway Bay oysters ARE renowned which is why I asked my colleague was he really using UK oysters lol? Sorry for hijacking the thread to promote non British oysters :).


Yeah, but do they got the actual boys from the NYPD Choir still singing Galway Bay?? Otherwise forget it.

Yeah man …Its not the same since he got his teeth fixed doesn’t have quite the same sound .

I’d ask for me money back, it’d be like going to see Liberace and him coming out in a white shirt and black trousers wearing a Seiko.

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I passed by this British oyster bar in the food court at Yuanshan today and curiosity got the better of me.

Walked in, asked for 4 oysters, and was told that they had no oysters.


There’s a good but pricey oyster bar in Bellavita. Also Addiction Aquatic Development sells oysters. Goes great with a tall glass of peaty whisky!

What doesn’t go great with a tall peaty whisky?

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It’s really about oysters right? Not ‘oysters’?

If you hit up one of the quality buffet restos, like Jagoya, if they’re still around, or the one in Mitsu #1, they got the big ones, all’s you can eat

Good one for sure, I’m not sure they’re still there if it’s in the basement. The whole place was closed for remodeling.

Adventurous and don’t care about taste or quality.

Raohe Night Market, 饒河夜市


… or refrigeration.

The absolute worst food poisoning I ever had was from oysters in Tainan, right at the oyster farm. Be careful.

Well, maybe the second worst… does dysentery in Africa count as food poisoning?

I’m pretty certain they are dosed with some preservative after being shucked here, they sit outside the shell for way too long, unrefrigerated or badly refrigerated, at every traditional market.