A good time to send money to Canada?

The subject says it all. The Canadian dollar is STRONG like bull. Taiwan has this referendum-business-crap. The NT bought more CDN dollars a year or two ago.

Is now a good time? Wait six months? Wait one year?

If you think the rate is good send it. I did so at irregular intervals during my stay in Malaysia and never regret it, found it too risky to wait - not only because of the exchange rate but also the government policies. At one time you had to go to the national bank and get a permit to ‘export’ your money - two weeks later, just after I got mine, they scrapped it again.
I might have made a little bit more but this whole thing is just unpredictable and waiting can cost you more than that bit of loss (i.e. the difference between now and in future).

Now I am sitting here in Taiwan on all my USD while the Euro get’s stronger and stronger … :frowning:

If the Canadian dollar is strong, wouldn’t it actually be a good time to convert Canadian money to NT dollar instead of sending money BACK to Canada? You get more NT dollar per Canadian dollar nowadays…last time I checked, it was at 26.3NT/Canadian dollar

Yes, the Canadian dollar being strong means that you’d be getting shafted changing from NT to CDN. The question is whether the Canadian dollar relative to the NT/US$ will get even stronger. My hunch is yes, but I’m a teacher, not a currency speculator.

On the subject of swapping currencies, I have some Canadian money I would like exchanged into Taiwan dollars…where exactly do I go to get this done “for free”? I mean, if you take into account of the service charge that most places want for currency exchange, you basically don’t benefit from the current strong Canadian dollar…I wonder if your own bank will actually do it for free


Q.: Why do many banks have marble pillars outside the front of the bank?

A.: So the bankers have something to warm their hands on when the weather gets cold.