A hammock

Anyone know where I can buy a hammock?!

Any big store such as Carrefour should have them. I bought one at a local 24 hour “everything” store.

Yep, I found one at Carrefour for around 200NT.

Thanks! Went to Carrefour in Tienmou today but they didn’t stock them. Which Carrefour did you go to?

Try the camping shops near the train station if Carrefour have sold out. They stock the same kind as Carrefour does, but at slightly higher prices.

Kaohsiung. I see them everywhere here.

anyone know speciality outdoor camping store in taipei?
looking for 2 person hammocks. want to ditch my tents and embracing camping in the trees lol

Hammock - 吊床

PChome, Ikea …

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lol thanks!
i am not v good with chinese characters lol