A host with a reliable posting and newsletter tool offering

[b]Can you recommend a company that can outsource/host a bulletin board management and a newsletter tool offering, for our website? Our current host offers “Mailman”, which we found unreliable, and WWWboard–too simple message board. Can you recommend where to outsource those services/tools from?


Interesting…mailman is arguably the most widely used mailing list system on the Internet.

Depending on how computer savvy you are, I would recommend finding a host and installing it yourself. A basic bulletin board is very easy to set up with PHPBb (which is what this is running on). I had PHPBb up and running in 15 minutes on a web host that’s costing me $17 a year.

Maybe b/c it’s free it’s so popular, but it doesn’t mean that …

Do you know any non-free and more reliable tool/host?


For mailing lists, 8-95.com/ has Majordomo. I’ve never managed a mailing list, so can’t tell you how well it works. For what I wanted, they are working fine, though.

You’d have to set up your own web bbs software, but they support the usual major stuff (Perl, Python, PHP, MySQL). I got my mail-handling scripts up after about an hour of digging around to find things. They don’t allow shell access, so if you want to test changes or your own scripts, you would need your own Linux machine (they apparently use RedHat)

What do you mean by “reliable”? If you’re often not able to access it, that’s a problem with your web host. If you have problems sending out emails, that might be a problem with mailman. What kind of reliability issues are you having?

Thank you for your question. Although we config Mailman NOT to send mail/posting to newsletter members w/o admin approval, last week it DID, 3 times!!! You can imagine how emberrasing we were… users thought spam is coming… seems like a “glitch” in mailman that enables sending mail/posts to thousands of our members/mailinglist without approval. Scarry. That’s why we are loking for a more reliable solution now.

You didn’t happen to send it from an admin email account did you? Or did you set certain email accounts to have posting privileges? I’ve never had problems with moderated lists in either mailman or majordomo.

staff.imsa.edu/~ckolar/mailman/m … on-v2.html

Look at the section on “General posting filters” and make sure that you have approval set to “yes”, posting restricted to list members set to “no” and set one implicitly approved account.

That’s the case.

Do you use mailman? If so, try the following bug test:
1.write something - like a digit or a letter “t” in the subject of the email/post.
2.Leave the email body blank.

In our case, this bypass authorization process!!! The ISP we work for acknolwedged that bug, and say “he is working to fix”. We’ll see… Meanwhile I am looking for something better.

Silly me, forgot a minor but important detail.

If you’re trying to moderate non-member accounts, you need to put a ^ to match all email address under “List of non-member addresses whose postings will be immediately held for moderation.” (Privacy Options)

I’m guessing you can change the “Action to take for postings from non-members for which no explicit action is defined.” to “Hold” to achieve the same purpose.

To moderate postings from members, go to Membership Management and at the bottom, there should be Additional Member Tasks that allows you to set everyone’s moderation bit.

Of course, this will depend on what version you’re using. I have 2.1.2

I’m no fan of Mailman, too. And I’m tired of working through a browser all the time

I’ll check out the majordomo set up at 8-95 – thanks, MaPo