A Humidifier

This summer with the central air conditioner on 24/7 the humidity levels in our house dipped below 40%, prompting us to worry about our infant son’s health as we read the humidity levels in a house with a newborn should be around 50%. Now as we enter winter, we will be turning the central heating on soon and are worried we will have the same problem again. I already kind of gave up looking this summer and was going to import one when the weather changed and I could open the windows. Now I want to be prepared and I am starting to look again.

Will my search be as futile as the lady in this forum looking for a tanning bed in Taiwan. My search may be a like trying to find a heater in Singapore, or air conditioning in Hamburg.

Whereas you may not be able to find one locally, most major retailers outside have websites where you could order it online and have it shipped to your home in Taiwan.

True and I found a few nice humidifiers for around US$50 but the shipping was a little more than US$50 to get it here. Kind of a waste, but then if I really need one…

If you can search in Chinese, you might try looking for manufacturers in China, and see about purchasing and having one shipped from somewhere on the Mainland. You’d think that there is some demand for them in some parts, and very likely either way that they’re made somewhere in China.

Try calling Toys 'R Us in Taipei
Several years ago, a friend mentioned buying one at the Xinsheng location.

Toys R Us

I’ve been looking for a humidifier as well and have tried to find a manufacturer making them, I have had no such luck so far.