A.I. virtual reality.....game...using RTS style of play

This game comes out tomorrow. And you can download it straight to your PC through Valve’s Steam program (along with many other games).

Steam> steampowered.com/index.php?area=getsteamnow

Some reviews so far.

“The most artistically exciting PC game ever.”

“Incredibly original, gobsmackingly gorgeous.”

“Darwinia will remind you why you love gaming so much.”

“Forget games with real-time physics. This is one has real-time metaphysics.”

“It’s this year’s underground classic, this year’s Rez, this year’s Ico, this year’s… well, this year’s Darwinia. It’s a game that justifies your sense of your brilliance and gaming’ sense of brilliance.”

The Game> darwinia.co.uk/about/index.html

Didn’t Darwinia come out a couple of years ago as a full indie?

" full indie"? What’s an indie?

You could be right about the earlier release though…I’m looking at the “road map” (history of the game) on the website. Maybe it’s just the fact that it’s getting released on through Steam that’s new. Oh well. It still looks like an interesting game…especially considering all the great reviews it’s gotten. And if I haven’t heard of it before…I’m betting most others haven’t either.

yeah it’s be around for a while but it is still one the most refreshing games to come along in a while. actually besides electoplankton, thats pretty cool too…

Checked the site…it’s been out for 8 months. And just began being released through Steam today. My mistake…not quite 2 years though.