A菜, is there a B菜

Does anybody know why A菜 is called A菜?

it’s from Taigi

e-á-tshài (萵仔菜)

Is Taigi an Aboriginal language?

no, Taigi aka Taiwanese aka Holo (Taiwanese Holo) is the language spoken by Taiwanese Han immigrants from Quanzhou and Zhangzhou in Fujian and lingua franca of the island for a long period of time.

Not Minanhua?

Taigi = Taiwanese = Hoklo = Hokkian = Minnan = “Taiwanese dialect” = 台灣話 = 台語

= “taigu” as my MIL says in her Lukang accent

I get it. Taigi is the Taigi word for their own language, the same language Mandarin-speaking Taiwanese people call Taiyu/Minnanhua. Is “aikun” the Taigi word for I want to sleep?


There is a B菜. It’s A菜 a few days past its prime. And a few days later still, when it’s melting into a green stinky puddle at the bottom of the fridge, it’s called C菜, with the C standing for Crap.

They use it in movies a lot. You know, A-片… :wink:

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So… is there a B-片 ? And what is on the B- 片?

So… is there a B-片 ? And what is on the B- 片?[/quote]

B級片 is low budget comedies.

otherwise, Afrikaans=Nederlands=Dutch=Deutsch=German=English.