A Lament for the passing of Taichung nightlife..?

I’ll get straight to the point…anybody know of any good pubs still surviving in Taichung? I’m not talking lounge/sofa/comfy chair/rattan effing love seat/pay through-your-arse-for-drinks-with-silly-names establishments here -I mean pubs, of the kind that used to exist here until his Regal Majesty God-Emperor (ahem, I mean Mayor) Hu forced the closure of so many of our favorite watering holes for nefarious “infringements” of His Grace’s wondrous safety regulations?

I’m an old-timer, been here in Taichung for 13 years, seen many things come and go in this city (mostly go, sadly) and I remember the days when Taichung was a (dare I say it) “fun”, place to be of an evening. I miss some of the friendly pub owners (anybody know what happened to Chief?), the many talented Taiwanese musicians I made friends with, and the assorted loonies that I used to bump into.

So, any of the old places still surviving, or any new ones risen to take their place? I’m only asking because I’m a middle-aged, married curmudgeon who doesn’t get out very much these days…unfortunately.

And yes, I like a beer or three from time to time. And no, I’m not an raving alcoholic. Honest

This is a re-post. In my late night beer-induced befuddlement, I posted this in the wrong forum earlier…apologies.

Regretfully, no I don’t know of any good ones.

Having said that you can always try La Bodega or UZO.