A laptop/notebook with English Windows

I went to the my local 3C to checkout the laptops and the lady said it’s “illegal” for them to put English Windows on their laptops. Is this common? If I’m gonna shell out $35000 for a computer, you damn well better put on English Windows.

Why doesn’t Windows just let you pick which language you want to use? It’s frickin’ crazy.

If anyone knows where I can buy a notebook with English Windows installed in Kaohsiung, let me know. Thanks.


Buy a Dell. :slight_smile: You get exactly what you specify and you can do it all in English. Worked for me.

I doubt it’s illegal, just try a different shop but you may need to pay some additional money.

Alternatively you could install a Chinese version and a language pack on top, but it didn’t work too well for me so I wiped the harddisc and changed to an English version.

I found a guy in Nova, but that was in Taipei.

You could always buy a notebook, wipe the hard drive, and install an English version yourself.

My husband bought my Compaq about a year ago in Taipei/FNAC with English Windows XP installed. They said it was a legit install…


Just bought a notebook here in Taipei. In order to get English Windows, the vendor had to take it to the notebook maker (Acer). Perhaps you could try looking at Acer notebooks…