A letter for Space Yoga

Dear Sir/Madam,

This is a letter coming from an unsatisfied member of yours. I am not sure how this letter will be directed to but hopefully there’s someone confront what I’m about to say here.

Something very unpleasant occurred to me in Space An-Ho last Saturday. I’m actually a member of Space Tien-Mu but I went to An-Ho last Saturday with a friend. The story began when I prepared to return the lock to the counter, I saw my name was written on the board, which surprised me very much. My first thought is someone must be looking for me desperately. As I came forward and presented myself to your rep, Regina, she asked me if I am a member from Tien-Mu. Right after my answer, she started accusing me that I shouldn’t attend class in An-Ho because the package I bought (30 classes+ 5 classes free) is only limited in Tien-Mu area. I told her that I wasn’t aware there is a rule about this limitation and no one has told me this before. However, she insisted that all your agents have been trained to tell the customer about this particular “rule” in Tien-Mu before one signs the contract. And since now, I’ve attended the class in An-Ho, I needed to pay the tuition for it. I mentioned that I only have one agent and I can remember what she said but your rep, have to face lots customers everyday, and how can she be so sure that all your agents can always make same explanation or telling same sentence to the customers? She wasn’t listening and kept denying my words. My friend had offered her to deduct a class from her record but Regina had refused because she can only take away one class from one person in the computer system. She stood there so still and challenged me like I’m a fool. How can she be so positive that your agent have told me the rule when she isn’t the one confront me? Why would I come here to be ashamed by your agent if I know “this” rule? What on earth was she thinking? For me, I don’t feel I should pay additional cost for this class. So everyone has stick to one’s position and for about ten minutes, Regina started feel uncomfortable when other people were start staring. Then she said with an altitude that she will “treat” me this class and I should not showing up An-Ho next time. Should I be grateful to have this offer from her? I thought Space isn’t just selling profession in Yoga but also the SERVICE. My friend asked me to find out the agent whom I have signed the contract to and she should be one blamed for putting me in this unpleasant situation. But the truth is I don’t really blame her, I can understand no one can do one’s work in perfection and the thing bothers me the most is the way your rep, Regina handled this incident. I also found out her happens to be a Tien-Mu store manager, which surprised me very much. How can she stand there and questioning your most precious asset like a prison? I come Space to look for relaxing ambience and practice your belief “…It is YOU that creates SPACE. All of us are valuable, bright expressions of Spirit. We all deserve to be happy and healthy. Make your life EASEFUL, PEACEFUL and USEFUL (Sri Swami Satchitandana). “ But what I have gotten from you is ruined mood and spoiled spirit. There are so many Yoga centers in Taiwan nowadays and to be the one on the top, please do not let the pride go over your original manifesto.

Last but not least, I wonder why the An-Ho’s members can come to Tien-Mu and taking our class but on the other hand that Tien-Mu’s resident can’t have the same advantage for which seems a bit strange for me. Doesn’t your teacher shares same qualification? And if yes, why there is differentiation in benefit under one roof? When you said the reason is because we got special rate when recruited as a member but I thought the 15%off is to welcome us as your very first customers as well as your promotion strategy for new opening store!

Best regards,
Furious Soul

Have you given this letter to Space Yoga? You are right, the customer is the most valuable asset the company can have. Regina should not have accused you the way she did, especially if she is a manager. Just wondering if this is just her personality or is this a cultural thing? Just wondering. Hope you get some sort of satisfactory resolution.

Curious as to why their members can go to your classes but you cannot go to theirs. Could be the type of memberships. Your gym/yoga could have all-gym/yoga memberships and you just bought only that particular gym/yoga membership?

Dear p32rad,

Yes, i’ve given this letter to Space as but not yet getting any response. My friend already told me this kind of complaint always be neglected in Taiwan. People here just not have big voice likes America. But as far as i know, Space is running by foreigner for which i hope they do caring what i’m telling.

Regarding that member thing, i bought exactly the same package as my friend in Ah-Ho. The only difference is i purchased this 30 classes package with 15%off during Space Tien-Mu new-opening period. However, i personally don’t feel it’s a sensible reason. Also, shouldn’t they check their member before letting one to the classrm?