A li shan- accommodations and interesting things to do?

Any suggestions for decent accommodation in A li shan?

From what I’ve read, it sounds like the magnificent sunrise is a must to watch. What’s the best spot for sunrise gazing?

The mountain railways seems like the way to get around, but is there trekking opportunities?

Any other suggestions for things to do for a weekend in A Li Shan?

This website is very good.

This is some of the hotel info from the site.

John, that website is indeed very good; except in the places where it is wrong. They used to list the area west of Fenqihu (Swallow caves) as a popular trail for locals. It was nothing of the sort. The entire area has been off limits since it was destroyed in the 921 earthquake. I spoke to the tourism board people when I was in Ruili and complained about that section. They promised they would cut it out and it looks like they did.

They also mentioned that you can camp at Daneyigu and you can’t. I suppose I should pass that info on to.

Still, I have found them to be accurate most of the time.

By the way, Fenqihu makes for a great side-trip on the way up or down from Alishan. It’s much less developed and has some lovely hikes. In fact, you can watch the sunrise there too.

As for decent acommodation in Alishan, the mid-range hotels are almost all alike behind the parking lot. If you go midweek you won’t even need to book ahead, though check as this might still be cherry blossom season. For a really nice room stay at the Alishan house or Alishan Gou which are cabins with their own small plots of land. It’s like staying in a little alpine neighborhood.

Mucha Man,
I’ve had similar experiences regarding out-of-date info on government websites. Although the 9/21 earthquake happened back in 1999 (and the authorities have had plenty of time to update things) some websites still show damaged roads as being open.

I think the Kaofeng (Gaofeng) Hotel is as reasonable as any, but if you want a cheap tatami-style place they also own another building down the road- I think my brother and I paid $300NT each for two single tatami rooms.
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If you are happy to go with the crowd, get up when the alarm goes off in the hotel in the early morning. Walk or get a minibus with everybody else to the train station, then take the train up to Zhushan, where everybody waits for the sunrise. It’s quite an experience - hundreds of people all doing the same thing.

Then, shortly after the sun has risen, everybody takes the train back down the hill. It’s nice to stay behind and enjoy the peace and quiet, walking slowly back down.

Sorry, I don’t know about proper hikes but I’m sure the information Almas John & Mucha Man gave will be very helpful.

I want to go up to Alishan via the Alishan train from Jiayi.

While in the area I want to do some camping.

Is this possible? If so where can I do it and what are the facilities like?