A loner bound for Taipei, need help

Hi all,

Im in an awkward situation. I am british living in the uk and met a Taiwanese lady on the internet back in October. We fell in love/lust after a few weeks and she decided to come and see me for two weeks in UK. We had a great time so i planned to see her too. I booked my flight about 3 weeks ago but unfortunately since then we have split up (if thats possible with a cyber relationship :unamused: ) Anyway, i am due to fly to Taipei on the 2nd May for 2 weeks and not being able to get my money back, i have to go now. Never been to Asia before, speak a handful of chinese words and am now without my girlfriend to hold my hand and be my guide. She had booked us a hotel which i think was £23 (1400 twd approx) per night which seemed really good. We are not on talking terms so i now have to arrange things myself.

Can somebody recommend a low priced hotel that is decent in Taipei that someone has been to?
Would they speak English so i am able to phone them and book?
i also wanted to ask about injections before i go. I have heard that i should have a jab for Hepaptits A, should i do this just for two weeks? I have travel insurance.
I was thinking about joining a dating site before my visit as i believe there were several ladies looking for a foreign friend living in Taipei. It would be nice to have some contacts there so i wont be on my own for the whole time.
Im also concerned about communication, i know some people do speak English, but what about buses, trains, taxis etc?
If there is anything else i should be aware of i’d appreciate the advice

It’s rather sad and the way it’s looking right now i don’t think we can repair our friendship.

please :help:

Enough people in Taipei speak enough English that you should be fine with just a bit of innovative spirit. There is some English information availabe about the MRT and touristy spots. Can’t tell you about hotels, but I wouldn’t try to book ahead. I’d just handle that when you get there, supposing you’re going to land in the morning that is. And you’ll pay more, anyway, without a Taiwanese ID. I can say that there should be plenty to be found in that price range.

Hope you enjoy your trip. It might just be a great holiday after all, if you give it a chance.

Don’t worry about a thing. Taiwan is a very easy place to get around. Don’t be scared of travelling alone and get out into the countryside. It’s a great country.

If you can, get to a HH. The people there are generally nice and friendly (I left).

And see this as a unique opportunity to have a fun solo mission. Don’t jump from the frying pan into the fire because you need a tour guide!

[quote=“Buttercup”]Don’t worry about a thing. Taiwan is a very easy place to get around. Don’t be scared of travelling alone and get out into the countryside. It’s a great country.

If you can, get to a HH.[/quote]

What’s an HH?

Anyway, get yourself the 2007 edition of the Lonely Planet guide to Taiwan. It’ll help a bundle.

Happy Hour.

Or, heavy huffin’.

You know the feeling of when you fall out with your girlfriend? Quite often it makes you think the end is here. At the time of sending that message i truly believed i was going to be there on my own. We made friends again :hubba:

So my tour guide is taken care of now but i’d still like someone’s opinion of what innocultaions i should have. Is it really necessary? Also, what’s the best way to pay for things over there? credit card?

Thanks in advance

p.s. this place called HH, a happy hour where there is heavy huffin? would my girlfriend approve of me going to a place like that? :bicker:

Have fun when you’re over here, it really is a great place and try and get out of Taipei, theres a lot more to this country than this city.

Regarding vaccines - With 3 weeks to go you may just about be able to get an appointment with a GP, can’t remember what I had but Hep B was one of them and that takes 3 injections i believe. Anyway GP’s and private travel clinics will tell you what you need.

Buy a copy of the LP or Roughguide, whilst locals may know a few places not mentioned they may also have a different idea to whats worth seeing than you.

Enjoy the trip