A lot of not so subtle gay stuff in Taiwanese/Chinese/HK films

I sometimes catch a glimpse of Taiwanese TV channel that plays movies… and I see a lot of (mostly comedy) films where there seems to be a lot of not so subtle gay stuff, that would most likely land the producer in hot water if they were aired in the US (Brokeback Mountain was pretty controversial already). I don’t mean subtle gay reference like in Alien: Covenant where some of the characters are gay couples, but I mean overt, not so subtle things.

One film I see (looks like it’s about some cooking contest) where the guy gets badly hurt, and gets taken in by a Buddhist monastery, and the monk seems to want to give him a (NSFW reference here). On some other films, characters are basically almost wanting to do some element of gay sex, though it is not portrayed because it’s not an adult film. No film in the US, even comedies, do this. The only American film that I’ve seen do it is Brokeback Mountain, and it’s not truly American since the director is Taiwanese. And that film generated a lot of controversy in the US (whereas in Taiwan, it’s just normal).

Do Chinese people in general not view gay sex, relationship, etc. as taboo as Westerners do?

Edit: I put this in Arts and Entertainment because I’m talking about films, but if the mod feels it belongs more in LGBT forum, feel free to move it.

when you saw those scenes, did it move?

in the west, you also have so many gay films, like almost all the films from Almodovar.

he means blow job. ffs NSFW means images, not text.

Subtle enough for you?