A-Ma in the Men's Bathroom

So, I lived in Taiwan many years before…Went back home then came back. One of the big shockers being here again is that when you take a pee, Grandma (A-Ma) just walks straight in (almost on cue) to start viciously scrubbing and mopping the bathroom urinals, toilets and floor. Anyone else find this dang awkward? Doesn’t affect the ladies so much I’d imagine, but man…really seems like these ladies take their bathroom cleaning BEYOND serious. Unlike the West, never seen a male cleaning the bathroom in Taiwan.

having trouble peeing in front of them.
just think how embarrassed they are to see you miss the urinal.
it all evens out.

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It’s never sat right with me. They need to put a sign outside close door for 10 min and get it done. Guys can wait

yea always found it odd, but when I gotta go I gotta go

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Seeing them took me by surprise the first time. After that, I really didn’t care.

The a-mas themselves likely have the same thinking as my grandma: “If you see something you ain’t seen before, shoot it!”


Not bothered by it anymore. Just choose the urinal farthest away. But the ahmahs in the men’s shower and changing room at the pools…dang.

Well I like it better than in the states.

In the states they lock down the bathrooms like a crime scene and take FOREVER to clean it. So if you have to go right now, well you don’t have anywhere to go especially when there is only one bathroom.

At least here they don’t shut down the bathrooms when cleaning.


Lol. Is that a thing? How do you miss a urinal?

Can I just remind everyone that the “ Wet PAint “ sign in the Gents toilet … is not an instruction


It does happen in the West. I saw this phenomenon in Albania.

Had to drain the dragon one night in Shanghai at 1am and the ama followed me in and stood right behind me while I did my business
Probably wanted to know if the rumours are true

When ur piss stream splits into two or it splashes back at you

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I am not sure, but the US is really touchy about gender and bathrooms. Maybe it’s against the law for men to be in women’s room and vice versa? I don’t know. But they are really serious about locking down a bathroom like a crime scene when cleaning them.

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Maybe they only hire amas who identify as men to clean bathrooms

Yes. It’s awful.

Most people think A-ma in the men’s bathroom is not a problem. What would the same people say about A-gong in the women’s bathroom?

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I never seen men clean bathrooms here. Either it’s cultural or they only hire old women to clean bathrooms.

One school I worked at had a male cleaner. They do exist

@eCanada , probably that rip-off Trump school :wink:. There you go , I know you are smiling now :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Generally speaking, mall style bathrooms, at least bathrooms that have someone hired to clean them as their job title, are almost always far cleaner than thise in north america. If a 60 year old lady paid to picknout soiled tissue in a garbage can get a peek at your dick, small price to pay for not gettinf pee on your toe when you wear undersized flip flops in a public washroom.

Though i always prefer a tree if its in a suitable area.

Better restaraunts in Thailand have male servants sneak up behind you to give you a shoulder massage at the urinal. Andd its not at all sexual. THAT is uncomfortable!