A man's success depends on

This was posted by a FB friend, with many “Truth!” and “Absolutely!” type of comments…

Now, can you imagine if it were reworded: A woman’s success has a lot to do with the man she chooses to have in her life.

Neither sentiment sits well with me. Am I being too sensitive? Just wondering what others think (hopefully without starting a gender war).


I would say both are true. A good partner can elevate your life and a bad one can destroy you for decades and possibly impossible to recover from.

I would say success has a lot to do with all the people you have in your life in general as well. Probably more so with a partner.

As iron sharpens iron,
so one person sharpens another.

Proverbs 27:17


Let’s go full meninist:

A Man’s Success Has
A Lot To Do With The
Men He Chooses
To Have In His Life.


Karma or fate or genes?

A Mans Success Has
A Lot to Do With
And a Lot to Do With

(Do my CAP’s look big in this?)


I have to agree. Choosing a low maintenance, independently wealthy woman was crucial to my success at woman-proofing my assets.

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You are not being too sensitive.

It’s old-school heteronormative, almost sweetly so with the frame.

I’d rephrase it as: choose your partner(s) wisely!


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I guess the key point in the phrase is the person you choose to have in your life.

At first I thought the phrase was sexist, the meaning being that a man needs a woman to be successful (or a woman needs a man to be successful). I guess the real meaning is that one’s success isn’t dependent on–but can be greatly affected by–the person you choose to have a relationship with.


I totally agree.


A man’s success depends on his idea of success.

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Not thinking with his dick.

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Reminds me of that other saying… “happy wife, happy life.” Okay… I agree. And maybe it doesn’t rhyme, but what about “happy husband”?

It’s ok to be sensitive, Steve. I think emotional exploration is crucial for personal development. Crashing your feelings against the rocks is a sign of growth.
The quote ignores the LGBTQ community. If it said, “A person’s success has a lot to with the partner they choose to have in their life,” I would agree with the statement.

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Let’s not attack every single nice sentiment that was ever expressed.


That’s OK.
LGBTQ people can modify for themselves whatever they want .

Nobody has to agree with any of this.
And thats OK too.


Aww…but its so satisfying

In my opinion, the most important components are ones nation and system of birth. If you live in a free, fair and capitalist system, you can accomplish anything and pursue whatever you define success to be.

In other systems, your effort, talent and aptitude do not matter, or they certainly matter much less. You are in many ways a victim of circumstance.

In Canada, we have an inordinate number of citizens who leave for other nations, especially to the U.S. Our best talent and most ambitious leave. For what reason?

The Canadian system is unaccountable and designed to reward nepotism and the less impressive among us. As such, the U.S and other nations, pursue the top talent that we shed. Embracing this same talent to surpass our own companies that didn’t or wouldn’t provide opportunity to the same citizens.

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Indeed. Of all the massages available, ‘self ego massage,’ is the most soothing.

Inclusion is the most ok of all.

That’s usually a good thing not to do.

But what would you say to a man who’s so stupid that his brain actually makes worse decisions than his member? :thinking:
:brain: :balance_scale: :banana: