A Mexican restaurant in Hong Kong, previously mentioned

I’m sorry, I’ve tried using the Search function, and I still can’t find it.

Not long ago a board member who lives in Hong Kong posted about a Mexican place in Hong Kong. I’m going to HK next weekend, and I’d like to give the restaurant a try. I’d sent an e-mail with details to my friend, but she can’t find that, either. OK, so we’re both lame. :unamused:

Would appreciate any help locating said Mexican restaurant, which I seem to recall was in the Lan Kwai Fong area.

Thank you

Wubai, was it [url=http://tw.forumosa.com/t/margarita-stuff/21220/20 one?[/url]

Agave in HK. There’s one in Lan Kwai Feng, and a new one on Lockhardt Road, Wan Chai, almost directly over the road from the Old China Hand.

I went with a Californian to the Lan Kwai Feng joint and to be truthful, to me, Mexican means dusty beany cheesy stuff with sour cream, but he ordered well. Went to the Wan Chai place a couple of times. Basically Agave is about the 500 tequilas they have and reasonable Tex/Mex food. Those upper shelf tequilas are quite something though. I’ve had a total rethink on tequila.


Instead of tequila…I reccomend you sip a Mezcal.

Its the one with the worm (con gusano). Much nicer.

Would the worm have to be in the shot or just in the bottle?

I’m confused, apologies. The menu had what I thought were tequilas (but see my appreciation of Mexican food above to see what a total imbecile I am on this front). These tequilas came in three broad types, with the top shelf quite high (I’m told by the Californian who spent his yoof on the Mexican side of San Diego on this). We quaffed a HK$120 shot. Great stuff . . . but are you suggesting it gets even better?


There is tequila. And there is Mezcal.
Tequila rarely, if ever, has a worm (gusano) in the bottle.
Real Mezcal always is ‘con gusano’, with worm.
Eating or drinking the worm is optional. No matter what anyone tries to get you to believe aout traditions and all that.
The worm is an aguave worm. They are found in the cactus from which the mezcal is made. They are added as a ‘marketing’ shtick.

Tequila has become chi-chi cool with the “hip groovers” and like everything that this happens to the manufacturers respond by “improvong” relabelling" adding instant ‘history’ and/or ‘legend’ to their product so they can gain market share and $$$'s.
IMO, tequila is an acquired taste. I have drank more than a bootful on may occasions and I still don’t really care for it. No matter the price.
But its hip & groovy to order “Top Shelf” and appear to be among the cognoscienti(sp?)
I find mezcal easier to sip than tequila. Just a personal preference.

Personally I like beer and occasionally a good bourbon. But I will also enjoy a Chilean cabernet sauvignon.

[quote=“Huang Guang Chen”]Wubai, was it [url=http://tw.forumosa.com/t/margarita-stuff/21220/20 one?[/url]

Agave in HK. [/quote]

That’s it! Dang, I never thought to search for the word “margarita” because I didn’t remember it was in that thread. I kept trying “mexican restaurant” and coming up with zip.

Thank you, thank you, this Californian is looking forward to eating good food and drinking good tequila with my friend. Funny, last time she and I were in Lan Kwai Feng was in March 2000, and we got so drunk we could barely walk, drinking some absolutely horrible margaritas at some bar across from Tony Roma’s.

[quote]Agave in HK. There’s one in Lan Kwai Feng, and a new one on Lockhardt Road, Wan Chai, almost directly over the road from the Old China Hand.

…and there is Coyote, almost next door to Old China Hand, across the street from Agave. Place is quite popular.

Address: 114-120 Lockhart Road, Wanchai
Tel: 2861-2221

There is also Caramba in Soho at:

26-30 Elgin Street, Soho, Central
Tel: 2530 9963. Fax: 2530 5289

Fairly decent California-Mexican. The standout feature is the huge variety and quantity of hot sauces. Sweet, mild, hot, super hot, and flamethrower varieties. At least a hundred or so types. They will recommend a couple to go with your meal, but it is great fun to pick a few yourself.

The margaritas are good and they will make them as strong as you want.

Cheers for that elektronisk. Not been but I may just check it out next time that yank mate’s in town.

I have tried Coyote a couple of times, thought it was of the dusty beany cheesy stuff with sour cream ilk. Bland food and jugs of crap watery drinks. The first time was with a work fucntion so it may have been especially below par.


Where will most of the Aussies be on Anzac Day in HK? Preferably other ex service people, but in general any place that is known to be an Aussie haunt. Tried to find Downunder bar last time, has it closed or moved??

Geez you’ve got me there Highway Star!

By Dowunder do you mean the place on Lockhardt Road Wanchai? There is a Oz looking pub over the road from Carnegies called Downunder. I think it’s still open. Seems to attract decidely under age foreign kiddies. I’ve never been in there.

There is a pub over the Kowloon side called Ned kelly’s Last Stand, which seems to attract an Oz audience. Other than that . . . ?

Oh a new place in Lan Kwai Fong called Woolloomoolo attracts Aussie banker types.

Sorry mate.

Just got this of the DVA website:

[quote]Hong Kong
An Anzac Day service will be held at a time to be confirmed but expected to be 6:00pm on Tuesday, 25 April 2006 at the Anzac Memorial, in the grounds of the Australian International School, 3A Norfolk Road, Kowloon Tong, Hong Kong. A wreath laying ceremony will follow the service.

The service will be advertised in the English newspaper, South China Morning Post, as well as through the Australian Association and New Zealand Society newsletters.

A Dawn Service is also being planned at the Cenotaph in central Hong Kong. The timing for this service is not yet confirmed but will probably be around 5:45am. [/quote]


Me and the boys generally make the effort to stay out drinking all night to make the dawn service, then continue on at a designated watering hole.
The Downunder bar (i m sure that was the name) was over Kowloon side just off Nathan Rd. 2nd floor, had a neon kangaroo with a Fosters sign above the entrance.
Anyway, cheers mate and thanks!

Ah. I have seen it, in fact I have a feeling Comrade Stalin referred to it quite recently. Not sure if it’s still open. But given the failry recent appearance of the Downunder in Wanchai . . and recent move of the supposedly famous Bottoms up to Wanchai, I’m wondering if it’s not meandered over.

Pissed up at a dawn service? Kind of fitting! :laughing:


Hihgway, was walking past the Kangaroo Downunder on Lockhardt Road Wanchai last night, thought of you and popped in. It is apparently the place from the Kowloon side. Quite a few Aussies at the bar and a sign up saying there was some special event on for “Australian and New Zealand Rememberance Day.”

Apparently there is also another one opened on Chathanm Road Tsim Tsa Tshui.


Well done HG,
I’ll have to swing by there, it’s looking like I’ll be in HK on the 25th. Will PM you when/if I’m about so if by chance you’re free we can down a few cold ones.
Cheers, and thanks.

Do that Highway, but ouch! that’s a Tuesday . . . I say after a filthy 3am stop out last night . . . I’ll definitely have to pass on the dawn service, but a crafty sounds very good indeed.



[quote=“It is me again”][quote]Agave in HK. There’s one in Lan Kwai Feng, and a new one on Lockhardt Road, Wan Chai, almost directly over the road from the Old China Hand.

…and there is Coyote, almost next door to Old China Hand, across the street from Agave. Place is quite popular.

Address: 114-120 Lockhart Road, Wanchai
Tel: 2861-2221[/quote]

I just returned from a great (un-expected) trip to HongKong. Stayed in Lockhardt Road opposite Coyote. Had a fantastic time at Coyote http://coyotebarandgrill.com/ Even played a tune with a resident band! They have more than 70 different kinds of margaritas so do check it out. I didn’t eat there as I found a Great Pakistani joint just around the corner. And in my house Pakistani/Indian triumphs over mexican (food) any day! :rainbow:

Surely not at the Ming Court! :astonished:


Surely not at the Ming Court! :astonished:


HaHa! Neva! Though there were some dodgy folks coming & going at all hours! :laughing: