A minor emergency

after my employer scrrewed up my arc renewal application…i find myself flying out to bangkok tommorow night and having to come back in with a letter to get my arc. i have the letter, i have the ticket to bkk and back. now then…i havnt had the time to prepare a financial statement of any kind but i remember that it wasnt needed last time when i was in hk. i dont have an outward ticket either. i will only have friday to do the application stuff.
i am asking if i will need the outward ticket and finacial statement …considering that its not a student visa and i will be continuing to work at the same place i have done for the last year (with a month of for legal reasons)…i dont remember needing these last year in hk. and ive heard that bkk are slack. but i just weant to know from others how they did it…i guess i can pick up a ticket in bkk on friday morning on the way to the visa office and then cancel it.

I think it will take 3-5 days in BKK and I think they’re just as tough as HK (from what I’ve heard).

What’s the status fo your ARC now and when does your visa expire (and what sort of visa is it?)