A neat site with cool graphics - Maps of War

The site actually has other things included:

Maps of War

Some good quick over-views of historical developments.

That’s a neat site with solid info and quick overviews. I’ll be bookmarking it! Thanks for posting it, TC.

thomaspmbarnett.com/ also has some intereting maps and info.

I really like the visuals. I wonder if they are going to add more topics.

Awesome site, thanks TC.

The maps on that site are quite interesting, but they present a map of the world that is somewhat accurate and somewhat inaccurate. The author himself states that there’s no form of bias at all in his reporting. That alone should be enough for most people to realize that there is probably bias present.

For example, during Eisenhower’s republican presidency, the map says that there were no wars. However, the Korean War did not end until 6 months after he assumed the presidency. Some of the war’s most heavy loss of life occurred during his presidency in battles for terrain of no apparent strategic or tactical value . Additionally, Eisenhower was Supreme Commander of the Allied Forces in Europe during World War Two and additionally was the creator of the major battle plans for the US in Europe and Asia. Yet all WWII military deaths are attributed to democrats. Just my two cents on the red vs. blue statistics.

It’s a nice site, but I’ll take it all with a grain of salt.

On the subject of interactive maps, there’s an interactive news map that shows current news stories with the size of the headline shown in relation to how current it is and how popular a story it is.